There are many types of surveillance cameras, all with very specific features. You might be looking to put in a new security system and you’re wondering what type of features the cameras might offer.

While there are plenty of well-known features, there are some features you might not be familiar with. You probably know about the following surveillance camera features:

·   Day and Night Camera Options

·   Motion Sensing

·   Low-Light and Infrared Mode

·   Wired or Wireless

·   Adjustable

·   Ability to Record

These are rather common features, but there are a few features you might not be aware of with surveillance cameras.

Three Lesser-Known Features of Security Cameras

1. Two-Way Audio

It’s a rather common feature today, but you might not think about it with your surveillance cameras. You can get cameras with two-way communication. This allows you to speak to the person on the camera and they can speak to you, as well.

This feature is popular with front door cameras but can be used in any place in your business or home. You can see who’s knocking at the front door and actually communicate with them, too.

2. Rain Resistance

Did you know, you can choose surveillance cameras that are waterproof for the outdoor areas? This is a pretty big deal, but you may not have realized you can get rain-resistant cameras for your security system.

Even IP cameras can be fully exposed to the elements without damage. You want to find cameras with a waterproof rating of 65 to ensure they are fully rain resistant.

3. Thermal Features

Yes, you can get surveillance cameras that have thermal features. These specific types of cameras will work with thermal imaging or heat sensing to detect people. If you have an area that gets foggy, dusty, hazy, or smoky, this is the type of camera you can use. Thermal cameras also work in areas of complete darkness.

Common Types of Surveillance Cameras

While the features you choose are very important, you should be familiar with the different types of surveillance cameras. Some of the common options to consider include:

·   Bullet Security Cameras – A very common option that points in one direction, bullet cameras are used in many business and home security options.

·   Day/Night Security Cameras – If you need a camera that will work during the day and at night, these surveillance cameras are the right option.

·   Wide Dynamic Cameras – These surveillance cameras can handle many different lighting levels. They work great for parking lots and large areas with lots of bright lights or sunshine.

·   Dome Cameras – A very discreet type of camera that is mounted to the ceiling, dome cameras have the ability to see a large field of vision.

·   Box-Style Cameras – A standalone camera, this type of surveillance camera can be used indoor or outdoor.

·   PTZ Cameras – If you need a camera that can adjust quite a bit, a PTZ camera is right for you. This is a pan-tilt-zoom camera and it works with a joystick.

·   Smart Cameras – Of course, the voice-integrated smart cameras with the ability to sense motion are very popular, too.

There are many types of surveillance cameras with several features. When you are creating a new security system, it’s best to have an expert assess your needs.