When considering installing CCTV cameras, it is essential to take into account their intended placement. Doing this will guarantee that you don’t overlook any potential security advantages.

Cameras should be mounted at eye level to capture a clear image of people inside or outside your home or business. Furthermore, they should be adjusted so as to avoid blind spots. Let’s look at some of the top spots to install your CCTV cameras.

1. The Front Door

CCTV cameras are one of the most efficient ways to safeguard your home and family. However, simply installing them isn’t enough; you must strategically and correctly mount them for optimal coverage.

Burglars typically enter over one-third of homes through the front door, so installing cameras at this location is essential for deterring burglars.

Lower-floor windows are another common entry point, so installing a camera here can be essential in protecting your home and possessions.

It is best to mount the camera at an optimal height so it can capture fine details without being easily accessible to thieves or vandals. The ideal mounting height should be 8-10 feet above ground.

2. The Back Door

A back door is an ideal location to install CCTV cameras, as it’s often disregarded by homeowners. According to the National Association of Home Inspectors, 22% of burglaries occur through back doors so it’s wise to be on guard for anyone trying to enter your property without permission.

Your main objective should be to get the best view of your property, so select a camera with a wide field of view and locate it correctly for optimal picture quality. Additionally, pay attention to Wi-Fi signal strength in your area for optimal clarity. It’s wise to test all equipment out of sight of potential thieves or intruders beforehand.

3. The Side Door

The front door may be where all the action is, but be wary of potential intruders at your back and side doors as well. Statistics show that 22% of break-ins occur through rear doors; installing a CCTV camera here can go a long way toward keeping your home and possessions secure.

To guarantee your home security system’s success, get the correct equipment and test it thoroughly before investing in an expensive installation. To protect your investment from theft, choose quality cameras with various settings like motion/sound alerts, remote control, and night vision capability – plus check if these new devices can be integrated with existing home alarm and surveillance systems.

4. The Garage

Garages are one of the weakest points for burglars, so it’s best to keep an eye on them with a camera. Whether your garage is detached or attached, make sure you monitor the area and secure any cars, tools, and other valuables from vandalism and theft.

For optimal coverage, install security cameras at an elevation of 8 to 10 feet from the ground. This will be low enough for detailed recording while being out of reach of thieves and vandals.

5. The Backyard

One of the ideal locations to install CCTV cameras is your backyard. Whether you’re monitoring kids playing in the yard or keeping tabs on your pet, cameras placed outdoors give you peace of mind and help prevent crime before it occurs.

Cameras mounted in your backyard are especially helpful at night when the sun is low and lighting is less harsh on the footage. You could also use outdoor cameras to watch over garage or driveway entrance points that could potentially be vulnerable to burglars.

These are some of the best places to install your CCTV cameras. Make sure you have your cameras professionally installed so that they will work properly.