With a growing emphasis on home security and protection of people and valuable assets in residences, it’s only natural that the technology for this kind of security need would be advancing to a very high state. These days, a good many options are available for the implementation of electronic security, and one of the best of these is the video intercom system. The great thing about a video intercom system is that it allows you to see any visitors and even talk to them, before granting access to your residence.

If you feel confident that your visitor is safe, or that it’s someone you recognize and have confidence in, you can allow them entry to your home by simply pressing a button on the control panel, which you manage personally. In addition to the security benefits provided by a system like this, it can also be a boon to people who are physically disabled in some way, because it allows them to open doors remotely, without having to get up and actually greet the visitor at the door.

How video intercom systems work

There are two major components to any video intercom system, one of which will be a camera system attached to the exterior of your home, and the other being a control panel which you operate from the interior. The camera system can be completely hidden if need be, but obviously it has to be placed in a position where it has a full line of sight to the entrance to your home.

It will capture video and audio from any visitors at the door, and transmit that information to the control unit inside. The interior equipment includes a monitor on which you can see the video portion of your camera transmission, as well as a speaker that allows two-way communication with whoever is visiting. The control panel will also have a button that transmits a signal that opens your front door electronically, granting access to the caller. The video intercom system can either be hard-wired or completely wireless, depending on a homeowner’s preference.

Benefits of the video intercom system

As mentioned above, a system like this can be a big help to the physically disabled, and of course, the security advantages are obvious – but there are other advantages to having a video intercom system installed at your residence. For instance, an infra-red camera system is capable of identifying visitors even in the dark of night, which is when an extra level of security might be desirable.

In addition, you needn’t even be home to know who has called at your residence, because you can review the videotapes provided by your camera system, which means you’ll always know who you missed in your absence. If you have children in the home, this kind of system will also prevent an accidental opening of the door by a young child, as well as running outside into possible danger.

In terms of access control, video intercoms are one of the safest security systems you can install at your home to keep both occupants and valuables safe from harm.