5 Ways a Locksmith Can Get Vehicles Open

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When you’re locked out of your vehicle, you need an automotive locksmith to help. There are many ways your locksmith can get your vehicle open and get you back to normal. Let’s look at five of the most common ways a locksmith will open your vehicle quickly.

The Slim Jim

A tool carried by all locksmiths offering automotive services, the slim jim allows the locksmith to get into your care quickly. When the car is not unlocking, this took can be used between the weather stripping and the glass of your car window.

When an automotive locksmith inserts this tool, they can reach down to the lock and pop it open. It might look like a simple process, but it’s really not. If used improperly, a slim jim can disable the airbags or cause damage to the electrical system of your vehicle.

Reprogramming of Keys

With newer vehicles using the keyless entry systems, unlocking can be done with programming. A good locksmith will know how to use keyless entry systems and reprogram the lock. This is an easy way into your vehicle without any damage to the vehicle.

Broken Key Extractor

If the key has broken off in the lock, a locksmith can use a key extractor to pull out the broken part of the key. The key extractor will work in just about any situation with a broken key inside the lock.

Once the broken portion of the key has been extracted, your locksmith will create a duplicate key to unlock your car. It’s also possible your locksmith can use the door handle clip removal tool. This took will help make it possible to get into the vehicle, as well.

J and L Tools

Another option for your locksmith to get your vehicle option is the J and L Tools. These tools are used on older cars with switched lock and unlock buttons found within the inner panel of the doors. The J tool can be used in this case to reach down to release the car door by lifting the unlock button.

An L tool will be used in a similar way, but it works on more specific car models with specific designs. Typically, neither the J or the L tool will be used on a newer vehicle.

Re-flashing Immobilizer

With some types of vehicles, a theft-deterrent called an immobilizer will be causing the issue. This theft device will keep the car from starting if someone tried to steal it. It can become defective and can prevent you from starting your vehicle, in some cases.

Your automotive locksmith can get into your vehicle and can get your car moving fast. They know how to fix this issue and have seen it many times.

There are several ways for your locksmith to get you into your car and get your car moving again. These are five of the most common ways your locksmith will get you back into your vehicle and get it open fast. Whether you have an older vehicle or a brand new car, Quick Key Locksmith is here to help you.

Things You Didn’t Realize an Auto Locksmith Could Do

Auto Locksmith

We’ve all had that time where we have to call an auto locksmith because our keys are hanging from the ignition and were separated from them by a locked car door. It’s not a very fun experience, but it’s something that is usually handled swiftly and efficiently before you get back to your normal routine. Did you know that your local auto locksmith can provide some other important services that might be useful to you?

Provide Transponders

If you have a keyless entry, having a functioning transponder is an important part of keeping your vehicle protected and opening your car when you need to. Your auto locksmith can provide transponders that make communication with your vehicle easier.

Remote Programming

Whether your battery has died in your key fob or you need an extra remote for a new driver in your household, or maybe just a spare, an auto locksmith can make sure everyone who needs access to your automobiles has a correctly programmed remote.

Key Cutting

If you need to share a key with someone or want to keep a spare stored somewhere safe, ask your auto locksmith about laser key cutting that will deliver an exact duplicate of your original key.

Here at Quick Key Locksmith & Security, we have been helping our customers with their keyed entry requirements for many, years and have adapted our services to the changing technology over the years. We would be happy to provide all of these services and more as your preferred local auto locksmith. Contact us today to learn more about how we can assist you!

Elude Getting Locked Out of Your Automobile with This Advice

Automobile Keys

Having and driving a car comes with a unique set of trials and hazards. There’s nothing like the convenience of being able to reach long-distance destinations or get to the store, but when your car breaks down or you get in an accident, the struggle can be pretty agonizing. Like most technology, cars are incredible when they’re working and pretty dreadful when they aren’t. Oftentimes, people get fixated on major car issues as their main risks, but at the end of the day, it’s the minute things that can have a big impact.

Nobody expects to leave their car without keys to get back in. Pretty much every single person our locksmith team has helped back into his or her car felt like everything was under control. It’s only when they needed to get back in the car and could not, that they are left in a panic. Whether it is your first time getting locked out or you can’t stop doing it, there’s never a good time to be locked out. You need a Chicago Locksmith who can quickly help you out and get you on your way back to normalcy.

If you’re worried about getting locked out of your car (or it just keeps occurring), we have some tips that will hopefully allow you to prevent yourself from getting locked out!

Lock the Car Using the Key FOB

Most modern vehicles all have key fobs that allow you to lock your vehicle from a distance away from your car or truck. Some people have the habit of pressing the lock button on the doors before shutting them. Unfortunately, locking a car this way makes it easy to leave the keys inside. Instead, always use the key fob. That way, you won’t be able to lock your vehicle without having the key fob on you specifically.

Have a Spare Made

Depending on what kind of keys you have and how expensive spares will be, making yourself a spare can be a very good idea. A normal key without a fob can be easily replicated by an automotive locksmith, and your car dealership will be able to give you spare fobs, at a substantial cost. Once you have your spares, it’s time to decide where to put them. Some people keep their spare keys in magnetic boxes stuck to discreet areas on their vehicles. Others keep the spare in a pocket or purse.

Invest in a Bright Keychain or Lanyard

If your keys are always on you when you leave your car, they cannot ever be locked inside. Most times, people lose their keys inside their cars when they set them somewhere and they fall in cracks or under seats. Keep your keys in your hand with the help of a colorful keychain or. Cords and charms can go a long way in keeping items as small as keys to not lose them. 

Replace the FOB Batteries

If you remembered to grab your keys but the fob isn’t unlocking your automobile, chances are good the battery is low or dead. While some key fobs are attached to traditional keys, don’t fall into the trap of just using the old-fashioned key because the fob is dead. Traditional keys are notoriously easy to lock inside the car. Instead, head to a store and get a new battery for the fob so that you never lock your car without having your keys in your hand.

Turn To Quick Key Locksmith & Security

Disarray is a normal part of daily life, and even the most organized person can end up losing track of important things, like car keys. If you find yourself locked out of your vehicle in Chicago or suburbs, contact our expert team of dependable, trustworthy locksmith and security experts.

Top Reasons to Consider License Plate Cameras

safety cameras

Modern technology is making it possible to fight crime in more ways than ever before, which is a very good thing since criminals are finding more clever methods of perpetrating crimes all the time as well. To keep up with the ever-changing world of criminal methods, crime-fighting tools are being invented and refined at a rapid pace. One such tool is the License Plate Recognition (LPR) system, which uses cameras to track the activities of potential criminals, and then records the information in a database for later use. Here are some of the most useful benefits provided by license plate recognition systems.

Deterrent to the commission of crimes

It’s much better if law enforcement agencies can be proactive rather than reactive in crime-fighting since the damage is already done after crimes have been committed. By the mere fact of having LPR’s in place, and with high visibility in a given location, many crimes can be prevented simply because potential perpetrators recognize their presence and don’t want to be recorded. Police cars cruising through neighborhoods with this kind of equipment can be very effective as a deterrent to the commission of crimes.

Avoiding danger

There are many times in law enforcement when dangerous individuals must be confronted and possibly even arrested. Situations like this can be fraught with danger since a trapped criminal can be extremely unpredictable and dangerous. One way that an LPR can help lessen the potential danger of situations like these is by reading the license plate of the car belonging to a suspect and informing the officer about any kind of dangerous background associated with the vehicle owner. In the case of a person known to be violent, or in possession of firearms, backup can be called for and extreme caution can be exercised.

Data collection

Every time an LPR is in use, it is collecting data and adding that information into a database. As this pool of information grows over time, much more information becomes available about suspects in general, and that kind of information can be important in knowing how officers should proceed. The more information which is available to be drawn upon, the more effective police practices can become, and the safer it will be for all individuals associated with law enforcement.