Upgrading the locks on your front door can certainly help add to the security. When you choose a multi-point lock, you gain many advantages. However, these locks aren’t meant for all situations.

Before you decide to upgrade to multi-point locks, it’s a good idea to consider if you need this type of lock or another type. Here are some of the ways to know when to use multi-point locks.

What are Multi-Point Locks?

Multi-points locks are just what they sound like. They are locks with multiple points that lock the door instead of just one. Often, they have a top, middle, and bottom instead of just one deadbolt and provide better security.

With multi-point locks, it takes more force to break a door down and it’s harder to pick this type of lock, too.

When to Use Multi-Point Locks

One of the main reasons to upgrade your front door lock to a multi-point lock is for additional security. When you want better security than just a doorknob lock and a deadbolt, you can upgrade to a multi-point lock. Anytime you want a better lock for your front door, it’s a good reason to upgrade.

Another reason to upgrade to a multi-point lock is when you want a longer-lasting, more convenient lock. Often, multi-point locks will outlast standard deadbolts and they can be rather convenient, too. Some multi-point locks don’t have to be locked after you leave. Instead, they can be set up to automatically secure your door once it has been shut.

Another time to use multi-point locks is with patio doors. French patio doors operate similar to entry doors and multi-point locks are an option for better security. If you have larger patio doors, you might want to upgrade to multi-point locks for better security.

Benefits of Multi-Point Locks

The main benefit you gain from using multi-point locks is the better security you get. Since there are three actual places where the door locks, it takes far more force to break the door in. Additionally, these locks offer more security because they are harder to pick and can even be a simple deterrent for criminals.

Another benefit these locks provide is the durability they offer. Multi-point locks are made to last and tend to provide a more durable design with less weight on the pivots compared to single bolt locks.

While the typical deadbolt and door handle lock are fine, they are not the best option. These locks are incredibly common, so they are easier to pick and don’t require as much force for someone to break into your home.

Multi-point locks make your entry door much more secure and offer a better option for home security. They even make these locks with smart features giving you the automation you desire.

No matter the types of locks you choose, make sure you hire a professional locksmith to install them. A great lock is only as good as the installation, so you want a trained professional handling it.