When you need to add a new lock or replace an old lock, you might need a deadbolt lock. However, there are several different types of locks out there. Let’s look at some of the questions you should ask before you replace a lock with a deadbolt.

Top 4 Questions to Ask Before Using a Deadbolt Lock

1. When should I replace a deadbolt lock?

If you currently have a deadbolt that isn’t working properly, it probably needs to be replaced. It might be broken or malfunctioning. Either way, it can cause a security risk, if you don’t replace it.

In some cases, you will want to replace a deadbolt lock with a better deadbolt for upgraded security. You may also want to replace the lock to gain better aesthetics within your home or business.

2. What type of door will use a deadbolt lock?

Not all doors are made for deadbolt locks or for the same type of deadbolt. In some cases, you might need a double cylinder deadbolt, if you have a glass door. Using the wrong lock can cause big issues and security concerns.

A hollow core door, for example, isn’t a good option for a deadbolt lock. It won’t do much for this type of door and it’s better to have a locking door handle instead.

3. Do you want to add a new lock to the door?

If you plan to add a new lock to your door, a deadbolt might be the right option. This is an important decision as you want to make sure you get the right lock for your doors. Many doors come with pre-drilled cross bore holes for deadbolts, but others may not. If they don’t, you might have to drill your own holes or the door might not be meant to hold a deadbolt lock.

Every hole you create in a door will weaken the door. This means you need to make sure you’re making the right decision when adding a deadbolt to your door. If it’s a solid core door, you will still be removing materials, which weakens the door. You can use a metal slipcover and a heavy lock to help mitigate this.

4. Are you trying to add upgraded deadbolt locks?

Sometimes, you will be replacing one deadbolt with another. Maybe the lock works just fine, but you’re ready to upgrade to an electronic or smart lock. When this is the case, you can likely swap out the locks without much issue.

However, before you make this change, make sure you understand the differences between smart locks and traditional locks. you might prefer a lock with a keypad or a fully smart lock that connects to your smartphone. There are plenty of choices out there when you want to upgrade your deadbolt lock.

There are several questions to ask before installing a new deadbolt lock or replacing an old one. It’s best to hire a professional locksmith to assess the situation. Your residential locksmith can help to ensure you choose the right lock for your door and for your specific needs.