Trying to decide between rekeying locks and replacing them isn’t always easy. One might be cheaper than the other, but that doesn’t mean it’s the right decision. Let’s look at some of the things to consider when trying to decide to rekey or replace your locks.

When to Rekey Your Locks

Rekeying locks is pretty common when a key is lost, you have new tenants moving in, or you have some type of security breach. Maybe you gave someone a key and they are no longer trustworthy. Rekeying your locks makes a lot of sense to ensure you have the security you need.

It’s common that you will choose to rekey your locks instead of replacing them. It’s often cheaper and a viable option, if the locks are still in good shape. If all your locks are the same brand, this also makes quite a bit of sense.

Anytime you lose a key or you move into a new home, it’s smart to rekey the locks. This is an affordable way to make sure you have proper security. 

When to Change Your Locks

Changing a lock means you hire a residential locksmith to change out the hardware. They will pull off the old hardware and replace it with new hardware. This means you will have new locks and new keys.

This can be expensive and it’s not always necessary. However, if you know you need a new lock, you should change the locks instead of rekeying the locks. Old and worn-out locks should always be replaced. If you want a more modern lock or something more secure, you should also replace your locks instead of rekeying.

It can also be smart to change out the locks if you have doors with different brands of locks throughout your home or business. Maybe you lost your keys. In some cases, it will be cheaper to replace the lock than rekeying it.

Rekeying or Replacing Locks, Which is Better?

Both options are great for security, but you have to choose the right option or you. Sometimes, it’s better to rekey your locks, while other times it’s easier to replace your locks.

Rekeying is cheaper and can be very effective, but not in every situation. Some situations require a lock change. With rekeying, you don’t have to pay as much because it only includes the interior key pins. An entirely new lock will cost more with all new parts.

It’s common to rekey a lock before replacing it. This is usually the first recommendation from a Chicago locksmith. However, it makes sense to replace locks when you want to upgrade your security, your locks are old or broken, or you want a newer lock with different features.

Regardless of whether you want to rekey or replace your locks, we can help. Our professional locksmiths will make sure you get all the information you need to make the right decision. We can rekey any lock for you, or we can replace your locks if you prefer.