We’ve all had that time where we have to call an auto locksmith because our keys are hanging from the ignition and were separated from them by a locked car door. It’s not a very fun experience, but it’s something that is usually handled swiftly and efficiently before you get back to your normal routine. Did you know that your local auto locksmith can provide some other important services that might be useful to you?

Provide Transponders

If you have a keyless entry, having a functioning transponder is an important part of keeping your vehicle protected and opening your car when you need to. Your auto locksmith can provide transponders that make communication with your vehicle easier.

Remote Programming

Whether your battery has died in your key fob or you need an extra remote for a new driver in your household, or maybe just a spare, an auto locksmith can make sure everyone who needs access to your automobiles has a correctly programmed remote.

Key Cutting

If you need to share a key with someone or want to keep a spare stored somewhere safe, ask your auto locksmith about laser key cutting that will deliver an exact duplicate of your original key.

Here at Quick Key Locksmith & Security, we have been helping our customers with their keyed entry requirements for many, years and have adapted our services to the changing technology over the years. We would be happy to provide all of these services and more as your preferred local auto locksmith. Contact us today to learn more about how we can assist you!