One of the key areas of your home to secure is your garage door. While it might be seen as just the door letting your car in and out of the garage, it’s an important entry point into your home.

You might use your garage to store valuable equipment, tools, and other things. With the right garage door maintenance tips, you can make sure your home remains protected. Let’s look at three top maintenance tips for your garage door.

3 Top Garage Door Maintenance Tips for Better Security

1. Test the Automatic-Reverse Feature

Once or twice per year, you should test the automatic-reverse feature. This feature is meant to help ensure your door doesn’t close on a person or a car in the way of the door. If you want to make sure you prevent injury or damage, you need to test this feature a few times per year.

Simply place a large object under the area where the door will close. If the auto-reverse system is properly working, it will not close on the item. Instead, it will get close to the item and reverse automatically. If it doesn’t work properly, it’s time to contact a garage door repair professional.

2. Replace the Backup Battery and the Light Bulb

Lighting is vital to your home security. Of course, your garage door light also makes it easier to see when you get out of your vehicle. Make sure the light bulb is working. If it goes out, replace it ASAP.

The backup battery in your garage door is also important. With the backup battery, you have less to worry about. You can test the backup battery by unplugging your garage door opener. If it still works, the backup battery is good. If not, it’s time to replace the backup battery.

3. Test the Balance

You can check the balance of your garage door by pulling the release handle. Let your garage door open about halfway. The door should stay in position without any interference from you.

If the door doesn’t stay in position, you may have a tension spring issue. The door could also be out of balance. If it’s out of balance or you have a tension spring issue, you might need help adjusting it.

Hiring garage door repair professionals can get your garage door back to normal. A properly-balance door will open and close properly without issue.

Along with these three maintenance tips for your garage door, you should keep your door lubricated properly, inspect the hardware and other portions of the door regularly, and look for damage at least once or twice a year.

There are many things you want to do to ensure your garage door is working properly. A garage door that works properly will help to keep your home secure. Of course, adding proper outdoor lighting can also help to ensure this area of your home remains secure. If you’re not sure what type of maintenance you might need for your garage door, contact the right professionals for your Chicago garage door needs today.