Using Mobile Devices for Your Security  

Mobile devices are everywhere in today’s world. The number of mobile phone users alone is expected to reach over 6.8 billion by 2020, and around two out of three businesspeople, today are using mobile devices like smartphones for an even more diverse set of applications.

Mobile phone access control uses smartphones and mobile devices as keys to get access to protected buildings, rooms, and areas, in your home or office. About 20% of organizations and businesses are expected to familiarize themselves with the use of smartphones as an option to outdated physical access cards by the year 2020. One reason for the high estimated growth for the usage of smartphones as digital access control keys is that mobile technology is now widely used for identification, authentication, permission, and accountability in computer systems across the world.

Using mobile devices as keys not only provide a useful experience to the end-user, it also helps increase operational effectiveness and fulfillment of today’s mobile using workforces across the globe. Just as vital, it represents a lower cost, easier way for companies and regular people, to manage the identification, as it removes many physical tasks related to handling, printing, allotting, and getting rid of physical badges. Quick Key Locksmith and Security are always available for answering any questions you may have, regarding mobile access control.