While running a business never underestimate the importance of a Security Camera System or CCTV. These systems use modern-day technology and provide high-quality monitoring. CCTV can also help in significantly reducing the cost of protecting your business.

What is CCTV?

CCTV stands for Closed Circuit Television. The signal that transmits from a CCTV isn’t open like broadcast television. It transmits the signal on a limited set of monitors for your viewing and provides continuous monitoring of your business. Images picked up via CCTV are sent to the recording device, which is then sent to different monitors.

The Benefits of CCTV & Security Cameras For Your Business

Increased Employee Productivity

Employees tend to be more productive when they believe they’re being recorded on camera, whether or not you’re there. This will ensure they stay focused throughout the workday instead of wasting time.

Reduction in Costs = Increased Profits

Security camera systems can help your business save money in the long run. They help decrease payroll expenses by removing the need for security personnel, by a little or all together.

It’s also a very scalable solution. As your business grows, integrating more surveillance cameras will be a piece of cake.

Business Compliance

Some industries require video surveillance to stay compliant with HIPPA or SEC regulations. Sometimes internal corporate policies come into play as well. Either way, CCTV systems are mandatory in both cases.

Prevent Theft, Vandalism & Burglary

CCTV systems are serious crime deterrents. Criminals will think twice about breaking into your business or stealing from your retail store when they notice cameras are protecting your premises.

The U.S Small Business Administration states that one incident of vandalism typically results in $3,370 worth of damage. If this can be avoided, why not take action?

Real-Time Surveillance

Real-time surveillance refers to being able to view activity that’s occurring on your business premises 24/7. Some systems only record and allow you to view footage later. With CCTV, you’re able to use your mobile device to see what’s happening right now!

Record Keeping

For keeping track of when your employees clock in and leave work, you need accurate records! If you ever need video evidence to prove a point to an employee during a review, this is how you do it.

You may also need it to keep tabs on when deliveries are being made or even when visitors are entering and leaving.

Peace of Mind

The most important part of all, peace of mind. Being a business owner, you always worry about the well-being of your business when you’re not there to monitor it. A CCTV installation will help ease most, if not all of your worries by providing 24/7 access to your business.

Already Have a CCTV Installation?

Fine! We can easily make repairs and additions as your business expands.

The Big Picture

The point is CCTV systems are crucial for business success and safety. Criminals are getting smarter and faster when planning to break into or vandalize your business. Stay ahead of the game with one of Quick Keys installations.

How Can We Help?

Here at Quick Key, we offer a variety of solutions for CCTV installation and repair. Ask us about our fisheye cameras, which offer a wider field of view, or ask us about our general commercial and residential wireless security cameras. We have your back!

Learn more by contacting us or viewing the CCTV services that we offer.