Whether you think your business isn’t big enough for an access control system or you’ve just never considered one, there are many reasons why you need access control for your business. Even the smallest businesses can benefit from the right access control system. Here are some of the best reasons why you need an access control system for your business.

7 Top Reasons to Choose an Access Control System for Your Business

1. Less Theft

Whether you’re worried about a break-in or employee theft, access control systems help to keep theft down. With about $50 billion lost each year due to employee theft, you should be doing anything you can to cut it out of your business.

An access control system offers security you don’t get with any other system. You’ll know who’s coming into your business and who is leaving. This type of control keeps people out and can keep employees out of areas they don’t belong.

2. Restricts Access to Sensitive Areas

Whether you have a server room or an inventory area, you might not want all employees gaining access to these sensitive areas. With the right access control system, you can grant access to only those needing to be in specific areas of your business.

3. Eliminates the Issue of Keys

With an access control system, you never have to worry about a fired employee still having a key or a key getting lost or stolen. Instead, if you use a system with keycards, you can easily deactivate one if it’s lost and easily replace it.

Access control systems can be set up to work with a PIN or even with biometrics, too. This eliminates any need for a keycard or anything physical to gain access to your business.

4. Makes Limited Access Easier

Sometimes, you need to allow vendors or contractors into your business. Maybe you have work you need to get done on one part of the building. You can let people in with limited access very easily with the right access control system.

5. Provides Protection for Employees

With an access control system, you no longer have to worry about someone wandering into your business. They cannot get in without authorization, which offers incredible protection for your employees.

6. Offers Scheduled Access

Even for employees you authorize to be in your business during their work hours, you can keep them out when they are not working. You can create scheduled access, which means those not supposed to be in your business won’t have access to get in.

7. Offers Tracking

If something does happen and you need to figure out who caused it, you can look at the records from your access control system to see who was in that area, especially if it’s a restricted area. This can help you deal with employee theft or a mistake better, whether it means firing someone or retraining them on something they should have known.

There are many great reasons for your business to have an access control system. Even a small retail shop can use a small access control system to keep people out of the inventory areas if they don’t have access. This can be a great way to cut down on theft and keep your business running smoothly.