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Adams Rite Commercial Locks in Chicago

A top choice in commercial locks, Adams Rite has been creating high-quality locks for just about a century. Offering the perfect solution for hollow metal doors, wood doors, and narrow stile aluminum doors, Adams Rite commercial locks are modern and provide the security you need.

Not only will you have the right lock for the look of the door, but you’ll also gain the safety you desire. Commercial locks from Adams Rite come with the right features and technology to ensure you get exactly what you desire.

What are Adams Rite Commercial Locks?

Door locks designed for commercial applications, Adams Rite provides a full line of commercial locks, exit devices, electric strikes, and more. Commercial locks are available in multiple styles including deadlocks, flush locks, power locks, and deadlatches.

When you choose deadlocks from Adams rite, you’ll get the right options for glass doors and narrow stile aluminum doors. These locks have been considered the top choices for commercial locks for years.

Deadlatches offer a way to create a door free to enter with the ability to become an exit-only door, when necessary. You gain flexibility with the traffic control of your door when you choose deadlatches from Adams Rite.

Flush locks offer another option with key control and the ability for several types of doors. These commercial locks from Adams Rite offer a design to keep you from accidentally locking the inactive leaf if you have paired doors.

A Better Commercial Lock for Your Building

No matter the type of door you have, Adams Rite offers a high-quality commercial lock for your application. When you choose Adams Rite, you know you can trust the locks on your doors.

Let Us Install Your New Adams Rite Commercial Locks

When you’re ready to upgrade your commercial locks, you can trust the locks from Adams Rite. At Quick Key Locksmith & Security, we carry the full line of Adams Rite products and offers licensed technicians ready to install your new locks.

Whether you’re upgrading your security, renovating your commercial building, or just looking for replacement locks, we’ve got you covered. Call us today and let us install your new Adams Rite commercial locks.