Brivo Cloud Access Control

Secure Your Building

Convenience and Security

When you own a multi-family building or a business building, access control provides better security. Brivo Cloud Access Control offers one of the best solutions on the market. Add convenience and security to your business with our help.

At Quick Key Locksmith, we offer more than a decade of experience helping our customers gain better security with Cloud access solutions. Our team provides Brivo Cloud Access Control for multi-family buildings and commercial buildings throughout Chicago.


Open Doors

Open Doors with Your Smartphone

Managing access from any mobile device increases security and gives you peace of mind.

Open Doors

Monitor Events & Create Permissions

You have the ability to monitor events when they happen and even create different levels of access for users. Unlimited control right in your hands!

Simple Integration

Simple Integration

Brivo access control solutions allows you to make data driven decisions by compiling access data right in your hands. It’s also easy to integrate with current technology you may utilize.



A Better Access Control System

Brivo Cloud Access Control makes it easy for your security team and your residents or users. Gain access to trusted hardware and software, along with the convenience of opening doors with a smartphone. The system can be used for a single site, such as a business building or for a complete enterprise across multiple buildings. It can also be used for a multi-family building, such as a Chicago apartment or condo building with hundreds of residents.


Why Choose Brivo Cloud Access Control?

With more than 20 million users in over 40 countries, you can trust the experience behind Brivo Cloud Access control products. Brivo has been providing Cloud solutions for 20 years. Offering a mobile-centric platform, Brivo Access Control offers a solution perfect for security and improved user experience. An integrated security platform provides:

  • Access Control
  • Mobile Credentials
  • Mobile Administration
  • Visitor Management
  • Elevator Controls
  • Video Surveillance
  • Identity Management

Brivo also offers an open API making it easy to customize the system to fit your specific needs.

Let Us Install Your Brivo Cloud Access Control System Today

If you’re looking for the best access control for your business or residential building, you need the right security expert ready to help. At Quick Key Locksmith, our technicians are expert installers of the Brivo Cloud Access Control system. We will help you choose the right solution for your needs and ensure you know exactly how to use it.
Whether you’re looking to gain better security for your business or give your residents the ability to open doors with a smartphone, we’re ready to help. Call us today and find out more about the Brivo Cloud Access Control system.

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