Comelit Video Intercom Chicago

Design and Technology

Comelit Video Intercom Chicago

Adding a video intercom system to your Chicago residence, business, or building increases the security. You’ll be able to see who’s at the door and control access much easier. With a Comelit video intercom system, you’ll gain multiple options for better security. Choose access control working directly with your smartphone to make life easier.

What Comelit Video Intercoms Offer

The Comelit Video Intercom system offers a complete system with plenty of great features. It’s designed for security and convenience. Your new Comelit system will work directly with your smartphone allowing you to control access, even when you’re not home.

Residential and commercial buildings in Chicago can benefit from the Comelit Video intercom, as well. Gain better access control and pass the benefits on to your tenants with this advanced video intercom system. Not only does the Comelit system allow you better access control, but it’s also designed to look great. The contemporary design makes it a good choice for several homes, residential buildings, and businesses.


  • Control Access to your entire building or specific areas
  • Open doors via the cloud on your mobile device
  • Allow access via employee badges
  • Deny access during certain times of the day or based on employee status

Why Choose a Video Intercom in Chicago?

With the need to provide added security for tenants, it just makes sense to upgrade to a video intercom. The Comelit video intercom will allow tenants to see who’s at the door before opening it. They can open the door directly from any smart device allowing access to guests and delivery personnel.

For businesses, the Comelit video intercom system offers better access control throughout the entire building or within a specific area. You can even deny access during specific times of the day for added security. Even homeowners can use the Comelit system to see who is at the front door before letting them in. It’s a complete system offering amazing design and technology for many applications.




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