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Detex Security Products in Chicago

A company dating back to 1878 when it was known for creating stationary watch clocks, Detex has been in the watch clock industry for more than 140 years. While the name Detex wasn’t used until the 1920s, the company has a deep history of creating some of the best watch clocks in the industry.

Over the history of the company, products have been modernized and improved. In 1963, the company introduced a new product like including security hardware, which catapulted Detex into the builder’s hardware industry.

The mechanical Watch clock was discontinued in 2011, but Detex still provides many incredible products for the security industry.

detex security products

What Type of Products Does Detex Offer?

Detex offers several products for security including:

  • Exit Devices
  • Weatherized Exit Devices
  • Outside Trims
  • Dummy Exit Devices
  • Electrified Exit Devices
  • Alarms
  • Access Control Systems
  • Door Security Systems
  • And More!

No matter what type of security you’re seeking, Detex offers plenty of options to fit your needs.

Access control systems are one of the best products in the line from Detex. Whether you just need to provide access or deny access to the front door, or you need a complete system for your entire building, Detex offers great access control solutions.

Along with access control, Detex also offers automatically operated door systems, which are great for specific applications. Healthcare facilities and other buildings needing doors that can easily be opened quickly can use this system to gain the right access to the right areas of the building.

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Our technicians know how to install all Detex products. Whether you need a complete access control system or you need to install automatically operated doors, we’re here to help.

At Quick Key Locksmith & Security, we will make sure your security products are properly installed. No matter which Detex products you choose, our team is ready to help. Call us today and let us make your installation easy.