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Hoppe Multi-Point Locks

The right locks make a big difference for home and business security. Hoppe Multi-Point Locks are a great choice to replace many other locks. When you need the right replacement lock, Hoppe locks offer a good choice.

Multi-Point Locks

What are Hoppe Multi-Point Locks?

Hoppe Multi-Point Locks come in two styles and each style offers multiple configurations. These locks offer three bolts instead of just one. Multi-point locks provide a top, center, and bottom bolt for better security compared to a single bolt lock. Hoppe Multi-Point Locks offer an option for interior doors, along with windows and sliding doors. These locks come with in-plant solutions to provide a more comfortable handle and a more secure lock.

Benefits of Hoppe Multi-Point Locks

The Hoppe Quick-fit connection offers one of the most unique benefits. This benefit allows door handles to be installed easily without as much fuss. These locks also offer a variety of locking points, which means they will work for many applications on doors and windows in Chicago.

Why choose to install Hoppe Multi Points Locks?

  • Better prevention of break-ins – The number one reason to install any multi-point lock is for better security. With Hoppe Multi-Point Locks, you’ll gain better security in Chicago for your home or business.
  • Reduced Wear and Tear – Compared to traditional locks, Hoppe Multi-Point Locks offers an option to reduce the wear and tear on the door. Less pressure will be put on the hinges. The locks also tend to last longer as they are made better.
  • Potential Insurance Discounts – Since Hoppe Multi-Point Locks are more secure, you may get a discount on your home or business insurance.

Why Choose Quick Key Locksmith in Chicago?

When it’s time to install new locks on your doors and windows, you need to hire the right professional. At Quick Key Locksmith, we provide highly skilled and experienced technicians. Our team will install your new Hoppe Multi-Point Locks for your Chicago home or business fast.

Call us today and let us help you gain access to better security and a better lock.