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Kaba Commercial Keypads in Chicago

A company providing some of the top mechanical and electronic commercial keypads, Kaba is a great choice for any size facility. When you’re looking to up security, Kaba offers a line of products perfectly fit for multiple applications.

Kaba is known for the E-Plex locks, which are electronic keypad locks used for access control. Without the code, entry isn’t possible, which means you gain the security you desire from a dependable product.

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Top Kaba Commercial Keypad Options

The Kaba e1000 offers the best choice if you want a mechanical commercial keypad lock. This is a great option for those looking for a mechanical option instead of an electronic option.

If you prefer an electronic lock, the E-Plex 2000 series from Kapa offer a great choice. This product offers access by combination and works great for access control.

Benefits of a Kaba Commercial Keypad

Whether you choose the mechanical Kaba e1000 or the electronic Kaba e2000 commercial keypad, you’ll have a product with many benefits. Kaba commercial keypads offer all of the following:

  • Ability to work on multiple facilities
  • Flexibility to provide security for any type of commercial door
  • Advanced management from E-Plex Enterprise software
  • Ability to schedule blocks, manage visits, and easily audit your system
  • Works for multiple doors or just a single door
  • And More!

When you choose Kapa commercial keypad locks, you get the best in the business for your commercial building. Whether you just want better security or you’re interested in a complete access control system, Kaba commercial keypads offer a great option.

Let Us Install Your New Commercial Keypad Today

At Quick Key Locksmith & Security, we provide all Kaba products for your commercial keypad needs. Our team of highly-skilled technicians know exactly how to install your new commercial keypads for better security.

Even if you’re not sure which Kaba products to choose from, we’re here to help. Call us today and find out how we can help you create an access control system and gain better commercial security.