Kaba Mas X10

High-Security Government Safe Locks

A high-security government safe lock, the Kaba Mas X10 is known as the lock meeting the highest security standards of the U.S. Government. You can only get this lock from the government or an authorized dealer.

Quick Key Locksmith is certified to install and service the Kaba Mas X10. We can help you when you need a very high-security safe lock engineered to exceed all your expectations.

Kaba provides some of the top commercial keypads and locking devices on the market. They provide better security through a variety of products, but nothing compared to the Kaba Mas X10 safe lock.

What is the Kaba Mas X10 Safe Lock?

A high-security safe lock with several incredible benefits, the Kaba Mas X10 safe lock is GSA approved for FF-L-2740, Style 1 applications, latest revision B, Class 5 and 6 filing cabinets, and Class 5 Security vault doors.

This lock offers a manipulation-proof option for enhanced security. It’s impervious to any type of external attack. It’s a self-powered lock, which means you don’t have to be concerned about the battery life or unexpected failures.

The Kaba Mas X10 also offers a backlit display to make it simple to use. If you have high-security areas you need to protect, this is the lock for you. It’s already in use to protect classified information within the U.S. Government.

While this specific safe lock was designed and developed due to Revision B, it’s still an incredibly user-friendly option. It has similar features and functions as the X-09, but there is very little need for user training. It will be a very familiar product if you need to upgrade from the X-09 to the X-10.

Let Us Install Your New Kaba Mas X10 Safe Lock

When you need a new safe lock installed, we’re here to help. At Quick Key Locksmith, we are one of the few locksmiths you will find with a certification to install Kaba Mas X10 safe locks. We not only install these locks, but we can also service them.

If you require a high-security safe lock, we’re here to help. Call us today and we will be happy to help you by installing the Kaba Mas X10 safe lock or any other safe lock you desire.