LATCH Smart Locks And Access Control Chicago

Access Control Solution

LATCH Smart Locks – the Complete Solution

Combining hardware, software, and services, LATCH smart locks, and access control provide a complete solution for modern buildings. If you’re looking for the right solution for your Chicago apartment or condo building, LATCH provides an excellent solution for access control.

Latch Smart Locks


What are LATCH Smart Locks and Access Control?

With LATCH it all starts with the smart locks. The locks provide a solution to give you a more secure building with better access control. Choose from a variety of smart locks to give tenants better control and guest access.

LATCH smart locks work with any smartphone. Tenants can unlock doors and provide guest access from their smartphones. These smart locks also offer door code and keycard options.

Along with the ability to let in guests, tenants gain an easier ability to let in-service personnel. Whether it’s a package delivery or a cleaning service, they can let in those needing access without letting in intruders. LATCH can even go further and control any smart device installed in the building. This may include smart thermostats, smart lights, and many other devices.

Business managers in Chicago will love the LATCH smart locks and access control, too. No longer will you need to go to the building if a resident is locked out. You can send a temporary door code from anywhere!


Benefits of LATCH Smart Locks and Access Control

LATCH smart locks and access control offers plenty of benefits including:

  • Flexibility to use smartphone, door code, or keycard
  • Works with smartwatches and other smart devices
  • Ability to send 15-minute or one-day door codes for friends, family, or services
  • Provides a full view of access histories of anybody entering your space
  • LATCH manager gives building managers the perfect on-the-go solution to deal with lockouts and other issues
  • Provides a security upgrade
  • Offers building managers an easy way to monitor entry to amenities

LATCH smart locks and access control offer a full solution for residential or commercial building security in Chicago.
It’s a convenient way to monitor who comes and who goes.