Mul-T-Lock MT5+ High Security Locks Chicago

Protect Your Valuables

Mul-T-Lock MT5 High-Security Locks Chicago

Gaining better security in Chicago means installing a better lock. The Mul-T-Lock MT5 High-Security Locks are a great choice if you want premium security with even better key control.

What are Mul-T-Lock MT5 High-Security Locks?

The multi-patented MT5 mechanical platform of these Mul-T-Lock high-security locks offers advanced security with better key control. The MT5 platform is designed specifically for maximum protection while providing plenty of conveniences. MT5 and MT5+ provide double and triple locking mechanisms for a higher level of locking security. The telescopic pin technology is very reliable and incredibly effective on these locks.

Mul-T-Lock MT5 High-Security Locks also offer a patented Alpha Spring at the tip of the key. This special mobile element offers another level of security.

MT5 High Security Lock
Mul-T-Lock High Security Lock

Benefits of this Lock/Key

  • Mul-T-Lock’s multi-patented MT5 mechanical platform integrates advanced technology for premium security together with heighten key control.
  • Mul-T-Lock’s innovative well-honed telescopic pin technology make it highly effective and reliable.
  • MT5+ is a powerful side bar locking mechanism, which interacts with unique horizontal finger pins for extra protection.
  • Master Keying Options – supporting complex operational and organizational needs.

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