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Schlage Commercial Locks in Chicago

Since Walter Schlage created the first Schlage product in 1920, the brand has grown and evolved. With about a century of experience, Schlage has become one of the most recognizable brands in commercial locks throughout the world.

Offering stylish, high-grade door hardware, Schlage commercial locks are some of the best you will find. Whether you’re seeking secure door locks or a full access control system, Schlage is a brand you can truly trust.

Schlage Lock

 Top Commercial Locks from Schlage

Schlage offers many types of commercial locks to choose from. Some of the top options include:

  • L Series locks – A grade 1 mortise lock, the L Series Schlage locks offer strength and security. It’s a lock with more than 35 lever and knob designs and over 55 functions.
  • AL Series locks – These keyed lever locks provide the original A-series cylindrical chassis with heavy-duty spring cages. The AL series commercial locks are designed for durability, performance, and security.
  • ALX Series locks – This commercial lock from Schlage is unlike any other lock. It’s flexible and uses grade 2 lock lever kids giving you incredible durability and a lock that will exceed your expectations.
  • Smart locks – The smart locks from Schlage come in a variety of options to fit all types of applications. These locks fit well in an access control system and provide incredible security.

Schlage offers a variety of commercial locks perfect for all types of applications. Whether you’re creating an access control system or you just need a new lock installed, Schlage is a brand you can trust.

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