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SECO-LARM Keypads in Chicago

Offering a full line of security products, SECO-LARM provides some of the best options on the market. With a presence in nearly 100 countries across the globe, SECO-LARM has become a brand many are familiar with.

From access control to CCTV, SECO-LARM offers many security products. The stand-alone keypads are some of the best on the market and we recommend them to our customers often.


Top SECO-LARM Stand Alone Keypads

SECO-LARM carries many excellent keypads and other security products. Two of the keypads they offer tend to be more popular than the rest.

SK-B241-PQ – Bluetooth Access Controller

This SECO-LARM keypad offers an incredible option with many benefits. It’s a streamlined keypad with full app-based functionality using Bluetooth technology.

With this Enforcer Bluetooth Access Controller Mullion Keypad, there won’t be a code to remember or any internet exposure. It’s a secured device offering multiple user types, along with many other features.

SK-2323-SPQ – Mullion-Style Digital Access Keypad

A digital access keypad with a build-tin proximity card reader, the SK-2323-SPQ is very popular for those looking for a mullion-style keypad. You can add up to 1,010 users and all features can be programmed from the actual keypad. You won’t need eternal programming with this SECO-LARM keypad.

While these two stand-alone keypads from SECO-LARM are very popular, they offer a variety of other keypads and products to choose from. When you’re looking for better security, SECO-LARM products are a great option.

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At Quick Key Locksmith & Security, we offer the full line of SECO-LARM products. Our team knows how to install both the top stand-alone keypads and all other products from this very popular brand. When you need better security for your business or home, SECO-LARM has the right products for you.

Our highly-skilled and experienced locksmith technicians will be happy to install your new security products from SECO-LARM. Call us today and find out how we can help make your home or business more secure.

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