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Von Duprin Panic Hardware in Chicago

Whether you’re looking for electrified panic hardware or regular panic hardware, Von Duprin is the right grand for you. As a leader in the industry, Von Duprin offers the right products for a variety of applications. When you need the right panic hardware for your school, medical facility, or another commercial facility, Von Duprin products offer quality and dependability.

Known as a pioneer in crossbar exit security, Von Duprin has been creating panic hardware for decades. Offering a higher quality product than others on the market, when you need exit devices, you need a name you can trust. Von Duprin is the right brand with panic hardware requiring less maintenance than other brands.

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What is Panic Hardware?

The most common type of panic hardware on the market is known as an exit device. These devices are commonly found on emergency exits in healthcare facilities, schools, movie theaters, and other commercial buildings.

Von Duprin offers the best electrified and regular panic hardware on the market. With products to fit any applications, even pool exit hardware, Von Duprin is a leader in the industry.

The 98/99 Series devices from Von Duprin are some of the most popular. These wide stile heavy-duty devices offer the perfect option for just about any common application.

The 98 Series offers a smooth mechanism case. If you choose the 99 Series, you’ll get a grooved mechanism case for a different look. Both have been certified to meet or exceed the highest industry standards for use in hospitals, schools, government buildings, and other applications.

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