Safe Installation & Repair Chicago

Safe Installation & Repair Chicago

Our qualified safe repair and service technicians in Chicago can install wall safes, jewelry safes, high-security safes and gun safes. Some safes can be easily placed in a certain area of your home, while others can be mounted and installed in your wall.

Wall safes can either Safe1be recess mounted or flush mounted walls, giving you the option of being able to hide your safe, so that it is not seen from view for extra protection. We also provide safe drilling in case of failed locks or if you lost your combination.

For wall safe installation, we will make the proper cutting in your wall and make sure the safe securely fits into its chosen location.

After installation we make sure that the safe is properly fortified. In addition, we can also install floor safes, bSafe2olting the safes firmly to the floor to make sure that they cannot be moved or stolen. Based on your request, our installation can also include fire proofing, dust and water proofing and impact resistance.

Quick key locksmith Chicago offers a variety of high security safes with glass re-lockers that would make the burglary almost impossible, even for a trained safe tech it won’t be an easy task. Glass re-lockers are triggers as soon as there’s an attempt to try sabotage the safe by drilling it, or by aggressive impact.

Variety of high-quality safe from AMSEC brands to gardall

Mechanical dial repair

Residential and Commercial safe repair and installation

Combination or electronic key pads safes install and repair

High security safes, efficient safes that remain effective in preventing attempted burglary

Apartment and Home small Safe installation

Maintenance after installation and repair

Safe Drilling and repair in case of lost combination

changing safe combination


Quick key locksmith safe division would be able to help you with all your safe needs, we can also service the brands we don’t carry. So call quick key locksmith today and ask for one of our safe specialist.




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