Chicago Piano & Continuous Hinge Installation

Continuous hinges, as their name states, run along the full length of the door. This causes the weight of the door to be evenly spread over the whole hinge. Such a hinge has many benefits over an average smaller hinge. When a door is installed with several shorter hinges, most of the weight of the door is ensured by the top hinge. This will ultimately distress the top hinge and even cause damage to the door and frame itself. The top hinge will show signs of initial wear and tear from the volume of pressure that is being applied on it, and when it will stop functioning totally, the whole entrance way will need a lot of repairs.

This can be a big-time aggravation and a big payment. Continuous hinges, on the other hand, run along the full side of the door. This helps distribute the weight of the door, and the pressure used when opening and closing the door, over the whole length of the hinge. By doing that, the continuous hinge lessens the wear and tear of the hinge, door, and frame and it extends the lifetime of your doorway.

Continuous hinges can simply be cut to fit the length of your door flawlessly. They are also perfect to align the doorway since they are made of two even, straight sheets of metal.

The continuous hinge is often referred to as the ‘Piano hinge’. This is because continuous hinges are used to attach the lid of a piano to ensure the proper function of the lid while protecting the delicate parts of the piano.

These hinges are also used on commercial doors, barn, or shed doors and other uses that are subject to heavy use which can result in extreme wear and tear. For us here in Quick Key Locksmith and Security, the continuous hinge has been a great success, we keep many sizes and brands in stock and install them on a weekly base.