Latch Guard Installation Chicago

The gap between the door and the frame is one of the weakest spots,  especially if the gap is wide enough to make the bolt detectable from the exterior. Latch guards are metal plates that cover unprotected latches and keep them from being meddled with. In order to gain forced access, a latch may be cut or pried; but latch guards keep this from happening.

Latch Guard Plates are normally made out of heavy gauge steel or stainless steel, so you can be sure they are not easy to bend or cut. Latch Guards are also known as Latch Shields or Latch Protectors.

It is ideal for side and rear exit doors that are usually hidden from the street and the goal of many thieves for break-ins. Latch Protectors provide a physical barrier to deter forced entry through kick-ins, door prying, jamb spreading, and other actions intended to defeat the locking device. latch protector finishes include aluminum, antique brass, mirrored brass, mirrored chrome, duro, and stainless steel. Latch Protectors are a relatively low-cost solution that provides an extra level of security for the latch and deadbolt.

Latch Guard Considerations

There is not necessarily a one size fits all solution when it comes to latch protectors. Each entryway can be uniquely different and it is recommended to look for the following components of the entryway and latch protector product when choosing the correct latch protector solution:

  • The door type
  • The swing of the door
  • The surface area needed to be covered
  • The offset between the door and the frame
  • Any obstacles that could prevent the door from closing properly

Additionally, latch protector installations can sometimes be difficult because many times there is a height or offset adjustment that needs to be made between the door and the frame to ensure a proper fit. Many times a latch protector cannot be installed because the plane of the door does not align with the plane of the frame.

We provide Latch guard, commercial, residential,  and full-length latch guards.


Door with Latch Guard