Chicago Door Installation Service

In order for your door to hang and work correctly, your door frame and door jamb need to be in good condition. When it comes to door frame repair or door jamb repair, it is best to find the services of a professional as these repairs are crucial for making your door fit and function correctly. We provide professional Chicago Door Installation Service for all types of doors also doing door frame repair or door jamb repair. In many cases, repairs to the frame or jam are done during the time we provide other locksmith services to you.

Chicago Door Installation Service

In some situations when you need us to do a Chicago Door Installation Service, we can’t install the new door unless we first do a door jamb repair or door frame repair. If this is the case, we will consult with you and tell you what is wrong with your door frame or jamb and what we need to do to repair the damage in order to install your new door correctly. We can make the necessary repairs to installing the new door, so your door is installed securely and properly.

In other situations, there may not be anything wrong with your frame or jamb, but we may need to make slight adjustments to your door jamb or frame for the new door you ordered to fit properly and securely. In either case, you can rest assured that we won’t do any additional work on your frame or jam without your clear authorization. In fact, we never install any door for any customer without first making sure the door frame and door jamb
are repaired properly because your satisfaction is our number one priority.

Door Repair

In some circumstances, you may call us to repair your door and when we arrive to do an inspection, we may find that the door doesn’t need to be repaired at all, but instead your door jamb has rotted or is damaged and won’t hold the hinges properly or there is some other issue. In other cases, we may need to repair the door and also repair the door frame repair as well. Again, we will first inspect and identify your problem, tell you what needs to be repaired and why, and then make the necessary repairs to make sure your door frame and jamb can properly support your door and allow it to function.

Some of the doors we install or repair;

  • Aluminum Glass Doors
  • Storefront Doors
  • Hollow Metal Doors
  • Wood Doors
  • Automatic Doors
  • Glass Doors
  • Fire Doors

Of course, if the problem happens to be your door frame or jamb we will do the door frame repair or the door jamb repair for you so that your door and the adjoining framework is as sturdy and strong as you anticipate it to be. Call today! (877) 787-3399