Multi Point Locks

Multi point locks are available in an assortment of designs, but normally include a centrally located deadbolt and a live bolt latch, at least two hook bolts and maybe a pair of compression bolts. Multi-point locking systems are now frequently used and are found mostly on UPVC doors. A multi-point locking system has at least of three locking points that all lock synchronously with the turn of a key.

The best way to describe multi point door locking hardware is to compare it with the more common single point hardware found on most doors. … A multi point mortise lock has multiple locking points which all together lock into place through the action of a continuous travel drive rail.

Multipoint Lock Hardware has a range of locking devices including Hooks, Roller, Roundbolts, Latch Bolts, Tongues, Shoobolts or combination. Common brands Fuhr, HOPPE, Essve, Truth, G-U, Ferco, Winkhuase, Amesbury, Ashland and others. We offer a shootbolt system which offers three locking points: at the deadbolt, at the top shootbolt (where it enters the top jamb), and at the bottom shootbolt (where it enters the sill).

Repair or replacement of multi point lock require a lot of experience, here at Quick Key Locksmith and Security we have the knowledge needed to get each multi point lock the right parts that are needed for the repair or replacement.


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