Safe Installation and Repair

Our qualified safe repair and service technicians can install wall mounted, jewelry, fire, high security, and gun safes. Depending on your needs we can either place the safe in a surreptitious area of your home or business, or provide floor or wall mounting if it makes for a more viable setup. Additionally we provide safe bypass services in the case of mechanical
failure or key/combination loss. Call today!

Wall safes can be either flush or recess mounted which allows for concealment from the casual observer. Our team of experts will carefully prepare your wall to guarantee a secure fitting.

We also offer a full line of floor mounted safes. Bolting the safe firmly to the floor prevents movement of the container without first inputting the correct combination. Based on your needs your safe can be upgraded to include varying degrees of fire, water, and tool resistance.


Quick Key Locksmith offers a broad spectrum of high-security safes that include glass re-locking devices that shatter under the force of a sustained drilling or impact attack. Once a re-locker is activated opening the safe becomes nearly impossible. Our safe technicians have the experience and resources necessary to make entry after re-locker deployment and to restore the unit to full working condition. Additionally, we provide safe bypass services in the case of mechanical failure or key/combination loss.

  • We carry the most trusted names in safes, from Amsec to Gardall
  • Mechanical dial installation and repair
  • Digital keypad installation and repair
  • Residential and commercial safe repair and installation
  • Small safe installation
  • Maintenance after installation
  • Bypass drilling and repair in event of mechanical failure or combination loss
  • Combination change

Quick key locksmith safe division would be able to help you with all your safe needs, we can also service the brands we don’t carry. So call quick key locksmith today and ask for one of our safe specialists. (877) 787-3399

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