The Guide to Duplicating Keys

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It’s common knowledge that locksmiths can duplicate keys for anyone! Not just for anyone, but to anything as well. The question is, what type of keys may be off limits and what are the exact keys that are able to be duplicated?

Good question. The answer is that it depends.


Can You Duplicate a key that says, “Do Not Duplicate?

The answer depends! Keys that consists of “Do Not Duplicate” on them are place there by lock and key manufacturers to avoid illegal duplication. Most locksmiths require authorization from the key manufacturer before duplicating. Some locksmiths will completely avoid keys marked as such since it can cause a security problem.

As mentioned earlier, locksmiths can duplicate keys that go to just about anything. Below are keys that locksmiths can help you with.

  • Automobile Keys
  • Residential Keys
  • Safe Keys
  • Padlock Keys
  • Chubb Keys
  • Residential Keys

Keys that can’t be duplicated

Keys with Electronic Elements

Keys that have electronic components inside them cannot be duplicated. For example, some car manufacturers have keys that comes with a lock/unlock capability built into the actual key that opens the car door. In this case, locksmiths are not able to be of service. A unique key of that nature requires the actual dealership/car company to supply you with another copy.