You finally invested in a home safe, but you’re not sure what you should put in it and what doesn’t really need to go inside your safe. There are plenty of things you may believe are valuable enough to go into your home safe, but you also only have so much room. Let’s look at some of the common items to store in a home safe and why you should put them in your safe.

Is your Safe Fire Proof?

Before we look at the list of items, it’s important to consider the safe you have. A home safe should provide fireproof qualities. The most common reason you will need a safe to protect your belongings is likely a house fire. Yes, a break-in is possible, but many home safes are small enough a criminal could easily take off with them.

Even with a larger home safe that’s too heavy to move, it’s important to make sure it’s fireproof. With a fireproof safe, you gain many more benefits for protecting your most valuable things.

Five Common Items to Store in Your Home Safe

1. Important Documents

Birth certificates, social security cards, titles to property, insurance policies, home pictures, wills, and other important documents can all be store in a fireproof home safe. This will help to protect them in the event of a fire or another disaster. Anything you might need to rebuild your life, if something were to happen, should go in the safe.

Storing important documents in a safe also ensures you don’t have to worry about where they are. They will be in your home safe when you need them.

2. Important Keys

Yes, you probably have plenty of keys on your daily key ring that don’t belong there. Your keyring should have vehicle keys, house keys, and safe keys (if necessary). However, the rest of your keys, such as safe deposit box keys, keys to personal storage unit locks, and other keys you don’t use every day, should go in your home safe.

It’s also smart to keep a spare car key in the safe, just in case.

3. Valuable Jewelry

If you have a $100 bracelet, it probably doesn’t need to go in your home safe. However, if grandma passed down an heirloom worth $1,000 or more and you don’t wear it daily, this type of valuable jewelry can go into your safe. Any valuable jewelry can be stored in your safe.

4. Emergency Cash

Of course, it’s a good idea to have some emergency cash, gold, and silver in your home safe. Any physical currency you own that you don’t need to spend can go in the safe. Many people hold their emergency fund in cash or at least a portion of it, which should be stored in your safe.

5. Guns

While some home safes have room for guns, others will need to go in a gun safe. If you have room in your fireproof home safe, it’s a good place to store a gun.

There are many common items you can and should store in your home safe. It depends on what you consider to be valuable and what you want to protect the most. Make sure you consider all your items and protect the most important things in your home safe.