How to Know When to Use Multi-point Locks

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Upgrading the locks on your front door can certainly help add to the security. When you choose a multi-point lock, you gain many advantages. However, these locks aren’t meant for all situations.

Before you decide to upgrade to multi-point locks, it’s a good idea to consider if you need this type of lock or another type. Here are some of the ways to know when to use multi-point locks.

What are Multi-Point Locks?

Multi-points locks are just what they sound like. They are locks with multiple points that lock the door instead of just one. Often, they have a top, middle, and bottom instead of just one deadbolt and provide better security.

With multi-point locks, it takes more force to break a door down and it’s harder to pick this type of lock, too.

When to Use Multi-Point Locks

One of the main reasons to upgrade your front door lock to a multi-point lock is for additional security. When you want better security than just a doorknob lock and a deadbolt, you can upgrade to a multi-point lock. Anytime you want a better lock for your front door, it’s a good reason to upgrade.

Another reason to upgrade to a multi-point lock is when you want a longer-lasting, more convenient lock. Often, multi-point locks will outlast standard deadbolts and they can be rather convenient, too. Some multi-point locks don’t have to be locked after you leave. Instead, they can be set up to automatically secure your door once it has been shut.

Another time to use multi-point locks is with patio doors. French patio doors operate similar to entry doors and multi-point locks are an option for better security. If you have larger patio doors, you might want to upgrade to multi-point locks for better security.

Benefits of Multi-Point Locks

The main benefit you gain from using multi-point locks is the better security you get. Since there are three actual places where the door locks, it takes far more force to break the door in. Additionally, these locks offer more security because they are harder to pick and can even be a simple deterrent for criminals.

Another benefit these locks provide is the durability they offer. Multi-point locks are made to last and tend to provide a more durable design with less weight on the pivots compared to single bolt locks.

While the typical deadbolt and door handle lock are fine, they are not the best option. These locks are incredibly common, so they are easier to pick and don’t require as much force for someone to break into your home.

Multi-point locks make your entry door much more secure and offer a better option for home security. They even make these locks with smart features giving you the automation you desire.

No matter the types of locks you choose, make sure you hire a professional locksmith to install them. A great lock is only as good as the installation, so you want a trained professional handling it.

Garage Door Security Tips to Prevent Break-ins

Secure Garage Doors

Garage doors are one of the known weak points of any home security system, and what’s worse, most burglars are well aware of that shortcoming, and often seek to exploit it as a primary means of gaining access to your home and its valuables. As a matter of fact, there could hardly be a more ideal break-in situation for a burglar than using your garage, because once inside, the garage can also serve as a shelter to hide criminal activity, and provide a base for any forays into the interior.

Despite this inherent security weakness, any garage and garage door can be made more secure by taking some simple precautions.

  • Out-of-town measures – When you’re on vacation or otherwise out-of-town, make sure to padlock the throw latch on the garage door, and if you don’t have a manual lock already, you can apply a C-clamp to either side of the door, so that’s effectively locked down.
  • Install a peephole – By installing a wide-angle peephole in the door between the garage and your house, you’ll be able to see what’s happening in the garage. While that won’t prevent a security breach, you will at least be aware of what’s happening out there, so that you can quickly call for help, and prepare yourself as best you can.
  • Opaque garage windows – Don’t allow criminals visibility into your garage so they can see when your car is gone, and when your residence is ripe for the picking. Either frost the windows so they’re opaque, or better yet, have the windows removed entirely.
  • Close the garage door – Don’t get into the habit of leaving your garage door open all the time, because any criminal can drive by and notice that fact. Even if you live in a nice neighborhood, you can have not-so-nice visitors from outside that neighborhood.
  • Secure your garage doors – The door between the garage and your home should be just as secure as the front door to your house, and it should be just as solidly built, so as to discourage access to the interior of your home.
  • Garage door remote – It might be convenient to have the garage door remote in your car, so you can open it easily when you come home, but once you park the car and leave the remote in the car, any burglar has easy access to your house. Instead, invest in a keychain remote garage door opener that you can leave on a keychain, so the remote can’t be picked up by anyone who shouldn’t have it.
  • Emergency release – Make sure that your garage door emergency release is secured, even if you have to use some plain old zip ties for the purpose.

Garage door security devices and recommendations

For all your security product needs, and for additional recommendations on how to make your home more secure against criminal penetration, contact your local residential locksmith, and discuss any issues you may have.

Why It’s Important to Have Your Data Wiring Tested

data wiring

Whether it’s a computer network or a wired security system, getting your data wiring tested is important. Many issues can be traced back to faulty wiring.

Data wiring testing is important if you have a problem with your system, but also during installation. When installing new data wiring, all cables should be thoroughly tested to ensure they work properly.

Testing not only shows bad wiring but can also help to ensure you have the best quality. By testing all data wiring, you won’t have to worry about faulty wires causing issues with your security system, internet system, or any other wired data system. Here are some of the main reasons to test your data wiring regularly.

Top 5 Reasons to Test Data Wiring

1. Vulnerabilities

If you have poor performing wiring, you may have a vulnerable system. Whether it’s the wiring for your intercom system, your CCTV system, or any other type of security system, faulty wiring could lead to issues. Always test the data wiring to ensure you don’t have vulnerabilities.

2. Faulty System

With bad wiring comes a system that simply doesn’t work properly. This could be an access control system not letting someone in that should be granted access or another type of system. Faulty wiring can lead to other issues within the system.

3. Saves Money

Testing data wiring now and finding a small issue will cost less to fix compared to suffering a larger problem later. When you test your wiring, you can spot issues before they become much larger. Your wiring is expensive and the cost to replace equipment impacted by faulty wiring might be much larger than fixing the wiring when tested now.

4. Ensures Proper Installation

Data wire testing during the installation of equipment ensures you get a proper installation. Sometimes, wiring can be faulty from the get-go and cause an issue with the equipment. This could result in a bad installation or thinking there is a bigger issue when it’s just a bad wire.

5. Ensures Maximum Performance

If you’re testing data wiring for your internet or another type of network, good wiring will ensure the best performance. Sometimes, the wiring works, but it isn’t performing as well as it should. Replacing poorly performing wiring can help give you the performance you need and desire.

There are many reasons to have your data wiring tested regularly. It doesn’t matter if the wiring has an impact on your security system, intercom, access control, or another system, it should be tested regularly. With proper testing, you can find out about and fix smaller issues before they become larger issues.

Data wiring testing isn’t difficult and should be performed regularly. How often you test the wiring will depend on the location of the wires and how much they are used. Wiring can go bad or stop performing as designed at any time. It’s best to catch issues before they cause vulnerabilities, equipment failure, or a larger, more expensive issue.

Five Most Common Points of Entry into Your Home

breaking in window

Over the years, statistical information has borne out the fact that there are several points of entry into your home which are universally favored by burglars. In some cases, it’s because of the ease or convenience, and in other cases, it’s due to the privacy afforded by a particular entry point. In any case, by shoring up security measures for the following five most commonly used entry points, you’ll be going a long way toward making your home a bit more secure against burglar attacks.

Front door

You wouldn’t think that a burglar would be so bold as to walk right in the front door of your house, but statistically, the front door is by far the leading entry point for burglaries. More than 34% of the time, burglars can make their way into the front door by discovering where you hid your ‘secret’ key, and in some cases, they don’t even bother trying to find your keys. If they have enough time, the hinges can be removed from your door, and they can walk right in. 

Back door/sliding doors

Sliding glass doors are usually located in the back of your house, and back doors are especially appealing to burglars because they provide a level of privacy for criminal activity. Many times sliding doors aren’t even latched or locked, and an experienced burglar can even lift them right out of their tracks to gain access to the interior. Needless to say, be sure that all doors in the rear are securely locked before going to bed.


Roughly 10% of all burglaries are carried out via entry through the garage, and this is made possible by the fact that many homeowners leave garage doors open all the time. In some cases, homeowners also leave the door between the garage and the home unlocked as well, providing an open invitation to burglary. The chances of this kind of burglary taking place can be significantly reduced simply by securing both doors for the evening.

First-floor windows

Windows don’t usually get as much consideration from homeowners as doors do, so nearly 1/4 of all burglaries take place after criminal entry through first-floor windows. Since windows are not always latched and are almost never locked, they can potentially provide one of the easiest points of entry into the home. There are several things you can do to lower your vulnerability from windows, such as installing window bars, using Plexiglas windows or reinforced glass, and installing a deadbolt system on your first-floor windows.

Why Your Garage Door Should Be Repaired by Experts

garage door repair

Do you need work done on your garage and want to do it yourself? You’re going to want to call the experts for this one because garage doors can be tricky. Not only can there be a safety issue of trying to tackle a project like this without professional experience, but you may cost yourself extra money if you have to call in someone to fix something that went wrong. 

Allow the experts to share their expertise by calling for garage door repair in Chicago and have them come out today to get your door repaired. 

It will save you money

Instead of trying to fix it yourself, you should invest in the eye of a professional that will know just how to handle the problem. They already have the tools and experience, while you might have to purchase the right tools and will have to spend time trying to learn how to fix it. 

If you do the project wrong, you will probably have to call in for help and it will require money to fix your work, on top of the cost you’ve already incurred, both the time and the money, to do it yourself. 

It will save you time

Just as mentioned above, trying to repair it yourself is going to require time on your end. You will likely have to research the project, learn what to do when problems arise, and the actual repair work may be time-consuming. 

Instead of all of this guesswork, talk to a garage door repair specialist that can pinpoint the problem and easily fix it like other jobs they’ve done. They will likely be able to fix it the same day too for emergency fixes. This quick turn-around service will be much faster than you’ll likely be able to complete the work. 

It’s just safer

Keep in mind that do-it-yourself projects can be dangerous. While you may feel confident in your abilities, you may find that you’ve had close calls in the past for accidents.  Garage doors are especially dangerous being one of the heaviest moving objects in your home. 

You would need the proper tools and protection to avoid an accident which leads us to advise against taking on the risks yourself. Allow the experts to make their own assessment and fix the problem without any hassle involved. Rest assured that the project will be done right and safely, while also ensuring your home’s security will get the attention it needs as the garage door is ready to work properly again. If you are considering fixing your garage door repair job on your own, this is the time to call the specialists. You’ll not only lose time and money trying to handle it yourself, but you’ll be relying on the little knowledge you may have on this type of job while putting yourself at risk. Protect yourself, your wallet, and your schedule by calling garage door specialists to get the job done. 

How to Choose an Access Control System?

access control system

Whether you need an access control system in Chicago for your residential building or office building, you need to choose the right one. There are several features to consider and the right access control system makes a big difference. 

No matter the industry you’re in, if you want to control access to your building, an access control system is the right choice. It can be set up to let in residents and guests living in a condo building or to let in employees working in your office. Here are a few things to consider when choosing the right access control system for your specific needs.

Computer-Based vs. Standalone Access Control

A computer-based system offers the ability to control multiple doors through a wireless network. You won’t have an isolated system on each door, but one system working on all entry points within the building. If you need to control all the doors from one central location, a computer-based access control system is right for you. 

These types of systems tend to work best for medium to large buildings. They work well when you have quite a few people you need to give access and they can also be used for a smaller building, too.

Standalone access control systems use secure locks on all doors. These systems are isolated to each specific door and often work best for smaller buildings with fewer users. They are simple to set up and very user-friendly.

Wired vs. Wireless

You have the option to choose a wired or a wireless access control system. With a wired system, you will need wires to be run to each entry and to the central system running the access control system. This can provide stronger infrastructure, but can also be difficult to install in an existing building. 

With a wireless access control system, you won’t need to run any wires. They are much easier to install and offer more flexibility. You can scale a wireless system easier, too, as you grow or need to protect more entry points.

Key Cards vs. Biometrics vs. Key Codes

The way you allow access into the building is also a big decision to consider. You can use key cards, which means each person will have a card that will act as a key when they need to enter.

Another option is to use biometrics, which is more advanced. This is the most secure option and requires a part of the human body to be used, such as the face, eyes, or fingerprints to enter the building. If you need a high level of security, biometrics is the right option.

Key codes are also an option. Instead of a card, each person will need to punch in their code to enter the building. This works much like a PIN and gives user access while recording who entered based on the key code used.

There are plenty of things to consider when choosing an access control system. Make sure you choose a professional to install the system. They should also be able to help you make the right decisions about the type of access control system and the features best suited to your needs.

Is It Better to Rekey or Change Locks?

lock replacement

There are times when you have to consider changing your locks, such as when you move into a new house, lose your keys, or had someone move out that won’t be returning to your home or office.  In any case, you probably wondered what scenarios make more sense to have the lock rekeyed and which ones require a total change of locks.

Did you know that there are these two options? In one case you want to change out the lock while the other is more like changing the computer password. Take a look at what the differences are and when you should do which.

What is rekeying a lock?

Rekeying a lock is not the same as changing your lock, which is just when you change an old lock to a new one. In this case, you’re going to be keeping the lock but changing the working key to a different one. A locksmith would need to have the current matching key or else they would have to pick it open.

They would then need to take the lock apart and replace the inside parts called key pins so that the key pins no longer correspond to the old key but rather replace them with different ones that set the new key. It can be done in a matter of minutes.

When you rekey a lock

Not only is rekeying a fast process, but it’s a money-saving option too. It will not affect the security of the lock. The security would not be affected unless the locksmith didn’t replace the old 5 pins with all 5 new ones since the number of pins would affect its security.

Key pins are inexpensive and preferred to changing locks since you only need to really pay for the labor. This is a good option if you simply need to match all of your home’s locks to the same key rather than carrying so many keys around.

This is also the common option for those that lost a copy of their key and don’t want someone to find it, if you’ve moved into a new place and don’t know who else may have a copy of the key, or someone has left the property that you don’t want having access anymore.

When you should replace a lock

There are scenarios in which you’ll want to replace a lock. In one case this may be aesthetic in which it’s time for a new look or design. An old rusted lock won’t look good on your modern upgrade of a door, home, or paint colors.

You may also find that you like newer lock designs and you want to upgrade to a newer, more secure option. Some people simply want to change out locks so that their home has all matching locks that will be able to be used with the same key.

If you have a disability and prefer a lever handle lock, they are easier to use and attractive. Electronic locks are a new possibility and something you may want for your home too. Consider the price and function when choosing between a rekey and a new lock.

When you’re ready for rekeying or a changing of locks to be done at your home, call Rekey Services in Chicago for professional care and reliability.

How a Door Latch Guard Provides Additional Security

Latch Guard

There are several ways to make your door security better. A door latch guard is one of the better choices. Before you make your decision, it’s important to understand how latch guards work.

Picking a Lock

Some break-ins happen because the criminal picks the lock. They slide a credit card or another tool between the crack in the door and use it to unlatch the lock to get in.

The gap between the frame of the door and the door is one of the weak points giving criminals away in. For some doors, the bolt of the lock is actually visible through this gap.

Adding a Latch Guard for Protection

A latch guard makes it possible to keep your lock from easily being picked. This security tool will cover the gap where the bolt of the lock is making it much harder to sneak any type of tool through the gap.

Outswing doors are the most common for latch guard installations. Since the latch guard can be put on the outside of the door, it works properly to guard the latch of the door from tampering.

The latch guard will be made of a single piece of metal, which will be installed on the exterior of the door. Some latch guards also include a security pin to embed it into the door frame. This adds even more security, especially in condos and apartments.

A latch guard can also be used on inswing doors, but it’s a different type of security device. It’s made of two pieces and uses a U-channel design to help protect the latch from tampering.

Protecting your Business

It’s common to find latch guards on storefront doors and business entryways. There’s usually a very large gap between the doors at a storefront, which needs to be protected. With the right latch guard, any business can add more security to their entryway.

A Low-Cost Pro-Active Security Device

Adding a latch guard to your door will help add security. These devices are very inexpensive and work with any door. Of course, you want to make sure you get the right latch guard for your specific door since they are not a one-size-fits-all solution.

The type of door you need a latch guard installed on will determine the type of guard installed. Regardless, it will be a low-cost solution offering more protection for your entryway.

If you prefer to be pro-active about your home or business security, a latch guard for your entry doors is a good idea. You can hire a Chicago locksmith to install your latch guards throughout your apartment building, on your business doors, or just on your home door.

Letting a professional install your latch guard ensures it will work properly. You want to make sure you gain better security and Quick Key Locksmith is here to help. Whether you need a latch guard for one door or hundreds of doors, we will make sure you gain the security you desire.

How to Ensure Your Windows are Secure

Window Locks

Maybe you already have a home security system, so you don’t think you need to worry about securing your windows. While this might seem like a good thought due to the motion sensors you have, it’s still a good idea to make sure your windows are secure.

Along with your home security system, there are some very easy and good ways to secure your windows. Let’s look at a few of the best ways to make sure your windows are secure.

6 Ways to Properly Secure Your Windows

1. Locks

The first place to start is with locks. While you may already have window locks, since most come with them, it might be necessary to choose an aftermarket window lock.

You can choose pin locks for ground floor windows and even keyed locks for the most vulnerable windows. Hinged wedge locks also work well with double-hung windows and sash locks are a good choice for double-hung windows.

2. Tempered Glass

If you’re replacing your windows, you can choose windows with tempered glass. It’s stronger than annealed glass, which means it will be harder to break.

Since tempered glass goes through the heating and cooling process more than just once, it becomes stronger. This type of glass also doesn’t break into jagged pieces.

3. Add Security Cameras

Security cameras may not help physically make your windows more secure, but they certainly help with security. You can add outdoor security cameras as a deterrent.

Choosing HD video cameras with night vision will give you a great option to help secure your windows.

4. Motion Sensor Lights

Another option for better window security is to install motion sensor lights outside. These tend to freeze would-be burglars and send them packing. They won’t want to take the change of being caught in the light, so they will likely leave.

Some motion censored lights will even send an alarm to your phone when they are set off.

5. Plant Thorny Shrubbery

If you want to add to your landscaping, you can choose thorny shrubbery to plant around and below the windows in your home. When burglars try to break in, they will either get pricked by crawling through the shrubbery or they will know it’s thorny and move on.

6. Window Bars

While they may not look the best, window bars add another layer of security to your home. You can choose window bars that match your home or give it a specific feel.

You don’t have to choose the common ones you see at stores. There are some window bars offering a more decorative look, while also providing better window security for your home.

Securing your home’s windows is very important. You want to make sure criminals cannot easily access your home from any window they can reach.

Of course, you don’t want to forget about second-floor windows, as they can become access points for more creative burglars. If you have a second-floor balcony, make sure the sliding door and any windows on it are also secured properly.

Maintenance Tips for Commercial & Residential Safes

Security Safe

For businesses, safes are usually the last thing on your mind when it comes to your to-do list. You typically prioritize business activities before anything else since your business depends on it, right? The same goes for residents who may have safes in their homes as well. There are a million other tasks that can be accomplished before dealing with your safe.

Be Gentle

Sounds simple enough right? Even if you have a heavy-duty safe, constant slamming of the safe door can cause internal parts and bolts to malfunction and eventually break. Safes with a traditional locking mechanism are more susceptible to breaking because internal parts wear and tear easier.

This is why investing in modern safes such as a biometric, keypad, and safes that require electronic access cards is better for your pockets and more durable.

Ensure Locking Mechanisms are Lubricated

Constantly opening and closing your safe will naturally cause wear and tear over time. No one wants to deal with a safe that doesn’t open, even when the right combination is input. This can be troublesome especially when you have something of value that you need to get out when you’re in a time crunch.

Better yet, it can really be troublesome when you have a gun safe and need to extract something for protection. To avoid this, keep all moving parts lubricated. At a minimum, locks should have maintenance done annually.

Invest in Maintenance & Repair

Last but definitely not least, make an investment in your safe! Safes hold valuable items and the last thing you want to do is jeopardize the availability of those items. For this reason, you should invest in safe maintenance and repair.

Hire Safe Repair Professionals for the Job

Quick Key Locksmith is available 24/7 to help with all your residential and commercial locksmith services. Need safe maintenance? Safe Repair Services? We’re here to get the job done! Contact us at (877) 787-3399