Smart home products are in high demand. Not just for homeowners, but for multi-family buildings as well.

In fact, lock manufacturer Schlage and Wakefield Research company found that millennials especially want buildings to have this technology available. In fact, the study shows that they’re also willing to pay more for technology upgrades on their building. To be more precise, 86% of millennials are willing to pay more.

Gen Y renters are more likely to rent apartments that have electronic access or uses technology within their buildings.

What Does This Mean for Landlords & Property Managers?

It means that you should consider enhancing your properties with these technological advancements. Not only are they cost-efficient, but they’re also scalable and allows you to collect higher rents!

Quick Key offers a variety of installation types to enhance your multi-family building and increase the number of tenants looking to rent from you.

The Best Smart Locks on the Market

August Wi-Fi smart lock

August smart locks allow you to control access to your home via your smartphone. It allows you to create virtual keys for guests visiting your home and allows you to track who enters and leaves.

August Wifi Smart Lock



Schlage control smart interconnected locks use a cloud-based approach. From here, landlords and property managers can control access to units via an app. Residents can utilize a card, key fob, or smartphone to access their units as well. This type of lock protects against lock pickers and forced entry.



Yale Smart Locks

Yale Assure lock is one the most popular on the market. Residents can lock and unlock their doors utilizing their smartphone or entering a 4 – 8 digit PIN. Have a family? Download their app and create up to 12 PIN codes and disperse accordingly. If you desire the option to utilize a key to enter as well, this lock comes in both keyed and keyless versions with the touchscreen option.


Yale Smart Locks


These smart locks are not only great for multifamily buildings, but also for homes!

If Millennials and the new generation are willing to pay higher rents to have this affordable technology on their apartments, why not make the investment?


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