When you want the best possible security for your business, you need to deploy the right security cameras. Fisheye security cameras offer many benefits and use cases. Let’s look at some of the ways these cameras can be used and the benefits you will gain.

A Discreet Option

Providing a discreet security camera, fisheye cameras can offer a very large view without getting noticed. They are very small, which allows you to handle discreet surveillance. This is not the type of camera to use when you want to deter criminal activity through an obvious camera.

Instead, this is the type of camera that can be used to keep a close eye on an area without being noticed. They are often used by casino managers to catch cheaters in the act. By catching the cheaters, they can bar them from the casino and prevent future issues.

You can also use this type of security camera in the retail environment. When you want to catch shoplifters instead of just deter them, a fisheye security camera is a good choice.

Larger Coverage Area

Another benefit you gain with a fisheye camera is a larger coverage area. You would likely need three or four bullet cameras to capture the same area one fisheye security camera can capture. While this may not be possible in a single view, it does offer an option to help you capture a larger area than one bullet camera does.

You can also use the pan, zoom, and tilt function with these cameras to cover the area even better. This allows you to easily investigate an incident without needing to go there in person. You can see what’s actually going on before taking action.

Cost-Effective for Smaller Businesses

No matter the size of your business, using fisheye security cameras is a cost-effective option. They offer fewer sensors, which also means you keep your maintenance costs down. The footage can also be stitched together for a true panorama, which can save time and training costs.

Capture an Entire Room with One Camera

When you choose a fisheye camera, you not only get a discreet option, but it will also capture nearly an entire room without leaving a blind spot. This can be helpful if you need to keep an eye on who is coming or going, workers, or inventory. With the right placement, you can see everything that’s going on without issue.

The wide field provides better coverage for many different uses. When you need to ensure your business is protected, this is a cost-effective option for your security camera needs.

There are many uses for fisheye security cameras. They can be used to replace multiple bullet cameras or as a discreet option to catch a criminal in the act. While they won’t be as much of a deterrent as a bullet camera, they offer a larger field of vision for your security needs.

When you’re ready to add this type of camera to your business security system, make sure you get a professional to install it. If your fisheye security camera isn’t properly installed, it might not provide the benefits you need.