Forgetting your keys can lead to needing a locksmith. When you lose your keys regularly, you might need some helpful tips to ensure you can remember your keys. Here are a few helpful tips.

6 Tips for Remembering Your Keys

1. Get a Larger Keychain

If you have a smaller keychain, it might get lost in your purse. However, with a larger keychain, it will be easier to spot. This way, if you do lose your keys, they are easier to find and you’ll be less likely to forget them.

2. Keep Your Keys on a Hook

You can get a hook for your keys and put it near the door you leave out of the most. This can help ensure you remember to grab your keys before you leave and you don’t forget them. It will also give you a regular spot for your keys making it harder to lose them.

3. Attach Your ID to your Keys

If you use a lanyard with your ID and you attach your keys it will help you remember your keys easier. This trick allows you to create a bulkier keychain and also gives you an additional reason to remember your keys with your ID attached.

4. Tile Your Keys

It sounds odd, and no, it doesn’t mean attaching a piece of tile used for flooring to your keys. Tile is a small disc you can add to a bag, clothing, shoes, or another item, like a keychain. It’s a wireless object you can use to find your keys when they are lost. Another version of this is called a Stick N Find.

5. Carry Your Keys on a Carabiner

If you have a habit of losing your keys when you’re out, use a carabiner instead of tossing them in your pocket. It can be attached to your belt loop to ensure you don’t lose your keys.

Carabiners can also be used inside your purse or as an attachment to the strap. Use it to make finding your keys much easier when they are lost in your purse.

6. Eliminate the Key Clutter

If you have keys you don’t use or don’t need, you can take them off your keychain. While this may not help you remember them, it can help you find the right key when you need it.

These six tips can help you when you need to remember your keys. You can use many other tricks, too. Of course, if you lose your keys often, you should also give a duplicate key to a friend or family member just in case.

You can also have a locksmith create a master key for many different things to make things easier. Then, get a few copies of this master key and give them to those you trust the most. This will ensure, if you get locked out of your home, you can make a phone call and get a spare key to help you out.