In this article, we’ll look at some of the top advantages of keyless entry systems for homes and businesses. These systems offer superior protection of property and belongings while offering convenience and peace of mind.

Homeowners with keyless entry systems can save themselves the trouble of having to hide an extra key near their front door, which is often a security risk and easily discovered by burglars. Here are some of the top benefits.

Keyless Entry System Benefits for Homes and Businesses

1. Convenience

Keyless entry systems offer great convenience for your home or business, letting you leave your keys at home without the worry of being locked out or getting lost. With one, you won’t have to worry about missing out on anything important like getting to work on time in the morning!

Similarly, if you have tenants living in your rental property, having them use a keyless entry system can be beneficial. Landlords avoid the costly process of rekeying all locks after a tenant vacates, saving them both time and money.

Many businesses employ a keyless entry system to grant temporary access to users such as contractors and guests. When integrated with software, managers can assign or reassign cards, mobile apps, or other credentials for temporary use.

2. Increased Security

If a business or property owner desires enhanced security, they might consider switching from traditional locks and keys to a keyless system. With digital controls, administrators have full control over who enters the building as well as what data can be accessed.

When integrated with the most up-to-date access control software, these systems create a comprehensive audit trail in real-time. This guarantees unauthorized users cannot enter the building and helps business owners manage employee access rights and time off efficiently.

In addition to physical credential methods like key fobs, ID cards and keypad entry, businesses can opt for biometrics such as fingerprint or iris scanning. These systems offer higher levels of security and are frequently employed in areas that need extra tight protection such as data centers or federal buildings.

3. Easy Access

Keyless entry systems offer a secure and convenient way to enter your building or office space, replacing traditional metal keys which can easily get lost or stolen and necessitate rekeying.

Instead, electronic access devices like key cards and fobs are combined with RFID readers that verify each user’s credentials to unlock doors. This type of door security is also ADA-compliant, enabling tenants to grant visitors remote access using their smartphones.

These systems provide easy access for tenants, eliminating the need to hide spare keys under carpeting or have a sitter leave a metal key at the front desk. Furthermore, staff can quickly set up new users and adjust permissions with a mobile-based system that works from anywhere.

4. Easier Maintenance

Keyless entry systems offer a simple solution for eliminating the stress of managing keys. They can be programmed to send codes directly to phones or written documents, so people don’t have to worry about forgetting a code or creating one for guests.

Keyless entry systems make it simpler to maintain your building’s locks and security. For instance, if you are turning in your unit to a new tenant and want to save money on replacing the lock, a keyless entry system can quickly be reset.

5. Save Money

Keyless entry systems are an ideal solution for business owners and managers who want to save time on various tasks. Not needing key fobs or ID cards, keyless systems enable business owners to track employee access and attendance with back-end software.

One of the key advantages of keyless entry systems is that they save businesses money on maintenance expenses. Businesses using keys often need to purchase replacement locks or accessories at high costs.

With a digital keyless system integrated with software, business owners can quickly assign codes or mobile apps for new users and control access rights accordingly. Furthermore, reports on visitor turnout and attempted illegal entry can be retrieved for insight and reporting purposes.