Retail stores, schools, manufacturing facilities, and warehouses can all take advantage of a fisheye security camera to monitor all areas of their facilities for any criminal activity that might take place. This type of security camera offers plenty of benefits. Let’s look at the top benefits you gain from installing a fisheye security camera.

Wide-Angle Lens for Larger Viewing Area

Fisheye security cameras feature wide-angle lenses to capture an expansive view of any space, eliminating blind spots and reducing the number of cameras needed for monitoring large areas. As such, these cost-effective and efficient ways of protecting businesses offer cost savings and better security – plus they’re outdoor-compatible and offer smart features that boost protection even further.

De-Warping of Distorted Video

Fisheye camera’s wide-angle lenses may cause image distortion that causes objects to appear stretched out or curved in video footage, with more severe distortion nearer the edge of the frame due to bright light sources or insufficient lighting conditions.

Advanced fisheye cameras can de-warp distorted video and display it as a standard square image, making them especially helpful in areas with tall ceilings. Their wide-angle lens makes fisheye security cameras suitable for warehouses, shopping malls, or other open spaces with high ceilings.

Fisheye security cameras mounted to the ceiling tend to be less susceptible to distortions due to providing access to an elevated viewpoint.

No More Blind Spots

The wide-angle viewing of a fisheye security camera provides businesses with an unprecedented panoramic view that eliminates blind spots. This benefit makes a fisheye camera a huge asset for monitoring all areas of the premises with just one camera and seeing any incidents immediately as they happen. 

You won’t have to worry about installing additional security cameras to cover every single angle when you choose a fisheye camera. This type of camera helps to reduce and eliminate blind spots by capturing a much larger viewing field. 

Save Time & Money

Saving time and money by eliminating expensive multiple-camera systems or multi-sensor cameras is possible when you use fisheye security cameras. You won’t have to worry about multiple cameras that would need to be strategically positioned around an area in order to capture different perspectives of it.

Easy to install

Fisheye security cameras offer easy setup for both businesses and homeowners alike. Plus, their simpler design offers fewer points of failure compared to multi-sensor cameras – saving both time and money in infrastructure costs.

Since the installation is easier, often, security professionals don’t have to charge high rates to install these kinds of cameras. 

There are many great benefits that come with using fisheye security cameras for your business or home security. This type of camera can do the work of multiple cameras and can help you eliminate any blind spots criminals might use to steal from you or damage your property.

With a security professional helping you design the best package for your business, you might want to consider fisheye security cameras to gain all of the benefits listed above.