There are plenty of great ways to secure your home today. Installing CCTV security cameras offers one of the best solutions.

Not only will the cameras help to deter criminals, but they also give the police more to work with, if something does happen. You’ll be able to turn over video evidence of the suspect, which provides a better chance of recovery.

The proper placement of CCTV cameras makes a huge difference. You want to hire a professional to install CCTV cameras to ensure your entire property is covered. Let’s look at a few tips to help ensure your cameras are placed correctly around your home.

6 Tips for Security Camera Placement

1. Front Door

The first place you want to ensure is covered is the front door. Since about one-third of burglars come through the front door, this is a good starting point.

The front door is the most important place for a camera outside your home. You can place the camera on the second level of your home to ensure burglars cannot tamper with it. If you don’t have a second level, the camera can be enclosed to help protect it.

2. Back Door

If the front door doesn’t seem like an option for a burglar, they are likely going to try the back door. Homeowners may forget to lock the back door making it an easy entry point.

Installing a CCTV camera to cover the back door is vital. This is the second place you want a camera to ensure you can catch any criminals in the act.

3. Off-Street Windows

About just as many break-ins happen through off-street windows like the back door. A camera watching over these windows will help to decrease your chances of dealing with a break-in.

In some cases, the same camera covering the back door can also cover the back off-street windows. You can also take other steps to ensure your windows are secure to ensure burglars don’t see off-street windows as an option to get in.

4. First-Floor Windows

Any windows on the first floor need to be covered by CCTV cameras. These are the most vulnerable windows in your home. Since most burglars are looking to get in and out quickly, you want to make sure you have a security camera covering all first-floor windows.

5. Garage

If you have a garage, it’s another easy entry point for criminals. While most will choose a door or window first, the garage is vulnerable to criminals looking for an easy way in.

Adding a CCTV camera to watch the garage entry points will help to better secure your home.

6. Basement

If you have basement windows or any outdoor access points to the basement, they can be used to gain entry. While it’s not nearly as common as the other entry points, some burglars get in through the basement.

Typically, you can choose to place your CCTV cameras to watch over more than just one entry point. A security camera watching the basement windows may also be watching first-floor windows or the back door.

When you hire a professional, such as Quick Key Locksmith, to install your CCTV cameras, you’ll gain better protection. A security professional will know how to utilize a few cameras to gain full coverage of all possible entry points.