Because the safety of your family and all valuables inside the home depend largely on whatever system of security you have installed, it’s worth conducting a thorough review of all the locks you have in place. While door and window locks alone will not prevent any really determined criminal from gaining entry to your home, high-quality locks which have been well installed will at least delay a criminal’s access long enough for help to arrive.

Deadbolt locks

While deadbolt locks can be highly effective, it is crucial that they’re installed correctly in the first place. If the hole on the door frame is not drilled deep enough for the deadbolt to be fully engaged, that bolt won’t extend far enough into the drilled hole to provide the maximum security it was intended for. This will reduce the value of a deadbolt down to the level of an ordinary lock, or worse.


If your windows can be accessed externally and will slide open, you should have a secondary lock installed on them besides what was provided originally. In most cases, the locking mechanism that comes with such windows is a simple latch that only holds the window closed, and doesn’t really lock them against external access. The vast majority of these can easily be opened from the outside, especially by a skillful burglar.

Sliding glass doors

One of the most easily accessible points in any home is a sliding glass patio door. Generally speaking, these doors are located in the rear of the home, providing just the kind of privacy a burglar needs to carry out an entry attempt. Sliding doors typically have only the same latching mechanism that windows do, and are not really secure unless you have another method of locking them.

Yard gates

If your backyard can be accessed through a gate, it would be a good idea to have it secured with a lock other than what it was sold with. To make things simpler for yourself, you can even have the lock keyed so it can be opened with your house key. Another good deterrent against entry into your backyard would be to install outdoor lighting and have it focused on any points of entry.