A very skilled and knowledgeable burglar can easily gain entry to any business or residence which is protected only by a single lock, and with years of experience at breaking into such buildings, thieves can then easily take any of your possessions having value. This scenario has played out many times in more affluent neighborhoods, where residents might be expected to have high dollar-value items, which of course are the particular targets of the criminal-minded. To prevent this kind of security breach and potential loss of valuables, both homeowners and business owners eventually reach the point where they consider adding more door locks or perhaps taking other preventive measures against theft and property damage.

Better door security

One of the best door security options available today is multi-point locks, which generally consist of a centrally-located deadbolt with live latch, two or more hook bolts, and possibly even dual compression bolts. This kind of lock is opened by raising the door handle on one side of the door leaf, and it is closed shut by turning a key from either side of the door. Because this kind of lock simultaneously engages several different bolts, it is far superior to a system having multiple single locks on the same door, or on multiple doors.

Both the hook bolts and the compression bolts serve to secure the door tightly into the door frame’s weather seals to ensure integrity against weather conditions. Depending on how a specific multi-point lock is configured, it can also have bolts on the top frame, the bottom frame, and the hinged side of the door frame as well. The most sophisticated of these multi-point locks (and of course, the most expensive) can engage all these bolts simultaneously when someone closes the door. As you might expect, this can amount to very good door security for your premises, whether commercial or residential.

The lone drawback to the multi-point lock system is that the owner must remember to engage the multi-points and lock the door into position, otherwise the door is only secured by a latch, which can easily be penetrated by someone with criminal intent. However, after just a few days of usage, engaging and closing your multi-point lock door will become an ingrained habit, and the issue will be solved.

Finding a multi-point lock vendor

All your residential or commercial door security needs can be managed by a single expert locksmith such as Quick Key Locksmiths in the Chicagoland area of Illinois. After consulting with a Quick Key representative to explain your security objectives, the best system for your circumstances can be arrived at and then installed by master craftsmen to guarantee proper setup. You will then have the peace of mind which comes from knowing that the best security people in the business have recommended and implemented a system which will protect your valued assets, your property, and all occupants.