How Crash Bars Can Improve Business Security

Crash Bars

What Is A Commercial Locksmith? 

The job of a commercial business locksmith is to install the proper locking and security mechanisms to keep a commercial business safe. A locksmith provides businesses with keys, locks, crash bars, panic bars, touch bars, and other advanced security measures that are needed to maintain commercial business safety.

When businesses are considering locksmith for the installation of their safety and security measures for their facility, they should make sure that the company that they choose has been vetted carefully and has highly trained installers. A locksmith should be able to perform the following services:

  • Install master key systems
  • Rekey locks
  • Install locks
  • Repair locks
  • Install high-security doors and reinforcement
  • Install advanced access control systems

The Importance of Panic Bars And Crash Bars For Commercial Business Safety 

When it comes to commercial buildings, almost all of them are required to have crash bars which are also known as panic bars on their emergency doors. This requirement is part of most commercial building codes. The crash bars or push bars are the most popular type of door locks since they have multiple different types of benefits. Once the individual depresses the bar on the door this activates the unlatching mechanism of the door and allows a smooth easy exit. Push bars have been the reason why the casualties in random incidents, such as stampedes, have decreased tremendously.

The Benefits Of Push Bars On Emergency Exit Doors

The way that push bars increase commercial building security is that the doors are designed so that they aren’t accessed from the exit side of the door. Because of this security feature that push bars offer, businesses can we receive insurance discounts for having them installed. Did we mention that they’re also very affordable and they are catered to fit the needs of each individual building?

The push bar also varies when it comes to the style so a facility can get the exact push bar that matches their measurements when it comes to vertical or horizontal designs.

Quick-Key is always available to install push bars for your commercial business. Reach out to any of our locations and schedule an appointment today!

Ways to Burglar-Proof Your Home Affordably

Night Time Burglary

Everyone would probably agree that burglar-proofing your home is a great idea because it can protect family members, all of the valuables inside, and even the home itself against damage or theft. But while everyone agrees it’s a great idea, not everyone can afford to implement some of the measures which provide the best protection against unwanted entry, for instance, an expensive home security system. The ideas discussed below are some which are affordable for almost every budget, and some combination of these safeguards can provide a collectively strong deterrent to home burglaries.

Put in an alarm system

While alarms certainly won’t prevent a determined criminal from getting in, they will certainly alert you to the fact that someone was trying to. It’s also a rare thief who will trigger a home alarm system and still remain cool enough to carry out an intended burglary – the sound alone is usually enough to send a would-be criminal scurrying off to safety.

Deadbolt the doors

More than a third of all burglaries are executed after the perpetrator gained entry through the front door, and nearly a quarter of all thefts are committed after entry through the back door. This should make it clear that your doors receive special attention from the criminal-minded, usually because they provide the easiest access. Installing a deadbolt on your front and back doors can be a very cost-effective measure to deter criminal entry, and only a highly skilled burglar is capable of circumventing the security provided by doors that have deadbolt locks installed.

Close the curtains

Being neighborly and having curtains drawn back all the time can be problematic, in that it can provide any burglar a solid glimpse into the interior of your home. That can help with the decision on whether or not there are valuables inside worth stealing. By keeping curtains closed, especially when no one is home, you’ll be depriving criminals of needed information.

Trim the shrubs

Don’t let shrubbery become overgrown and provide an effective hiding spot for burglars because they can use this to ‘case the joint’, and to provide a base for their criminal operations. Trees can provide this same kind of protection, as can large flower beds or particularly overgrown varieties of flowers and grasses.

How Can Many Locks Be Opened with a Single Master Key?

master key

Have you ever wondered why it is that a single master key can open any of the locks in your entire apartment complex, while the one you have will only open your apartment door, and possibly the main entrance door to the building? While this specific scenario highlights a master key setup in an apartment complex, the same situation could be true with any number of other commercial and residential lock-and-key configurations.

The answer to the ‘one key, many locks’ question lies in a very clever arrangement of the components which comprise a lock and key system – but the same principle which allows that kind of master key access is also what makes this model vulnerable to a security breach if engineered by a skillful and knowledgeable criminal. Here’s why all that is true.

How master locks work

Most locks are constructed using design concepts that are fairly uniform in the industry, the most common of which is the cylinder lock. With this kind of design, the key turns a cylinder which is attached to a cam, which then also gets turned. When the cylinder is turned in one direction, the cam or plug, causes the door to open by pulling in on the bolt. When the cylinder is turned in the opposite direction, the bolt is released by the cam and is snapped into place to prevent the door from opening.

Another common type of lock is the pin and tumbler design, which features a series of small pins, each having different lengths. These pins are separated into pairs, with each pair situated in a shaft that goes through the central cylinder cam, and on into the housing. The pairs of pins are kept in position by springs situated at the top of the shafts.

Before key insertion, the bottom end of each pair rests totally inside the plug, and the topside pin stays halfway inside the plug and halfway within the housing. The position of the upper pin is what prevents the plug from being turned because the plug is bound to the housing by the pins. The fundamental principle which makes any master key system functional is that there are extra pins in the cylinder of the lock, and these allow for several differently shaped keys to achieving a compatible alignment with all sets of pins that they extend into.

Do you need a master key system?

If you need a master key system to be installed at your home or place of business, the first call you should make is to a highly reputable commercial locksmith or residential locksmith in your area. As mentioned earlier, some master key systems are more easily breached than others, because clever criminals can reverse engineer the system of pins in the cylinder to create their own master key. An expert locksmith can discourage this kind of criminal breach of security with a professionally designed master key system.

Children, Keys, and Door Locks

children and keys

With the necessities of modern living, specifically those which have children off to school and parents off to work, and all arriving home at different times, a strong potential for home security risk comes into play. In order for schoolchildren to gain access to the home while parents are still at work, they must of course have house keys, and this fact makes the home a good bit more vulnerable to possible security breaches.

Children and keys

Far more often than their parents, children have a tendency to misplace keys or to leave them in places where they can be picked up or stolen. Even when carrying keys around normally (such as at the end of a lanyard, or dangling from a book bag), children often lack the presence of mind to understand that visible keys represent a significant security risk.

Children may even invite friends over when parents are away, and unintentionally reveal a key’s normal hiding place to friends. The bottom line on children with keys is that they are generally not as mindful as are adults about the significance of keeping keys secure and hidden, and what the consequences might be if someone else gained possession of house keys.

What you can do

There are several ways to mitigate the vulnerability which might otherwise occur when children need to use house keys for their normal daily routine. The following suggestions have proven effective for many households, and some of them may be effective for your family as well.

  • Single entry point – If possible, establish a single door of entry for children, so that it’s the only one they go in and out of while you’re still at work.
  • Electric keypad deadbolt – An electric keypad deadbolt can be installed with codes that can be programmed specifically for children in the household. The advantage of this strategy is that codes can be programmed very easily, and they can be changed frequently to keep things more secure.
  • Security camera – You can also have a security camera installed which is trained on points of entry so that you know who’s coming home with your children. This can be configured so that you can monitor it on your smartphone, and since you know the time your children will be coming home, it will be fairly easy to just take a look at that specific time.
  • Texting/calling about problems – If the children forget the code because it’s been changed, have an arrangement where they can quickly call or text you to find out what the new code is, without you having to leave work.

Where to go for home security needs

To purchase any of the security equipment described above, contact your local residential locksmith to discuss your specific needs. There you’ll be able to find high-quality security devices and good advice, to help keep your home as secure as possible, even if you have school-age children to contend with.

Analyze the Locks on Your Home

Various locks for the home

Because the safety of your family and all valuables inside the home depend largely on whatever system of security you have installed, it’s worth conducting a thorough review of all the locks you have in place. While door and window locks alone will not prevent any really determined criminal from gaining entry to your home, high-quality locks which have been well installed will at least delay a criminal’s access long enough for help to arrive.

Deadbolt locks

While deadbolt locks can be highly effective, it is crucial that they’re installed correctly in the first place. If the hole on the door frame is not drilled deep enough for the deadbolt to be fully engaged, that bolt won’t extend far enough into the drilled hole to provide the maximum security it was intended for. This will reduce the value of a deadbolt down to the level of an ordinary lock, or worse.


If your windows can be accessed externally and will slide open, you should have a secondary lock installed on them besides what was provided originally. In most cases, the locking mechanism that comes with such windows is a simple latch that only holds the window closed, and doesn’t really lock them against external access. The vast majority of these can easily be opened from the outside, especially by a skillful burglar.

Sliding glass doors

One of the most easily accessible points in any home is a sliding glass patio door. Generally speaking, these doors are located in the rear of the home, providing just the kind of privacy a burglar needs to carry out an entry attempt. Sliding doors typically have only the same latching mechanism that windows do, and are not really secure unless you have another method of locking them.

Yard gates

If your backyard can be accessed through a gate, it would be a good idea to have it secured with a lock other than what it was sold with. To make things simpler for yourself, you can even have the lock keyed so it can be opened with your house key. Another good deterrent against entry into your backyard would be to install outdoor lighting and have it focused on any points of entry.