Modern technology is making it possible to fight crime in more ways than ever before, which is a very good thing since criminals are finding more clever methods of perpetrating crimes all the time as well. To keep up with the ever-changing world of criminal methods, crime-fighting tools are being invented and refined at a rapid pace. One such tool is the License Plate Recognition (LPR) system, which uses cameras to track the activities of potential criminals, and then records the information in a database for later use. Here are some of the most useful benefits provided by license plate recognition systems.

Deterrent to the commission of crimes

It’s much better if law enforcement agencies can be proactive rather than reactive in crime-fighting since the damage is already done after crimes have been committed. By the mere fact of having LPR’s in place, and with high visibility in a given location, many crimes can be prevented simply because potential perpetrators recognize their presence and don’t want to be recorded. Police cars cruising through neighborhoods with this kind of equipment can be very effective as a deterrent to the commission of crimes.

Avoiding danger

There are many times in law enforcement when dangerous individuals must be confronted and possibly even arrested. Situations like this can be fraught with danger since a trapped criminal can be extremely unpredictable and dangerous. One way that an LPR can help lessen the potential danger of situations like these is by reading the license plate of the car belonging to a suspect and informing the officer about any kind of dangerous background associated with the vehicle owner. In the case of a person known to be violent, or in possession of firearms, backup can be called for and extreme caution can be exercised.

Data collection

Every time an LPR is in use, it is collecting data and adding that information into a database. As this pool of information grows over time, much more information becomes available about suspects in general, and that kind of information can be important in knowing how officers should proceed. The more information which is available to be drawn upon, the more effective police practices can become, and the safer it will be for all individuals associated with law enforcement.