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5 Common Items to Store in a Home Safe & Why

Posted by: wpengine  //  Residential Locksmith Services

You finally invested in a home safe, but you're not sure what you should put in it and what doesn't really need to go inside your safe. There are plenty of things you may believe are valuable enough to go into your home safe, but you also only have so much room. Let's look at some of the common items...

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Garage Door Security Tips to Prevent Break-ins

Posted by: wpengine  //  Safety & Security

Garage doors are one of the known weak points of any home security system, and what's worse, most burglars are well aware of that shortcoming, and often seek to exploit it as a primary means of gaining access to your home and its valuables. As a matter of fact, there could hardly be a more ideal break-in situation for a...

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Why a Fisheye Camera is Essential to Your Business CCTV Installation

Posted by: wpengine  //  CCTV & Video Surveillance

As you begin designing your CCTV business security system, fisheye cameras will become rather helpful. There's plenty of ground to monitor and the 36-degree abilities of fisheye cameras make them an essential part of your CCTV installation. Often, this type of security camera is known as a 30-degree surveillance camera or a 360-degree fisheye camera. While these cameras have only...

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