Spare Keys – Things You Need to Remember

Multiple types of keys

As a homeowner, you should never overlook the importance of spare keys, both to yourself and how they might be used by others. It is very easy to do that though because your spare keys aren’t the ones which you would ordinarily use – they’re just in the background somewhere, waiting to be called upon in an emergency, or in unusual circumstances. And if you don’t have a set of spare keys, all it will take is being locked out of your home one time, to convince you of the need to have a set made immediately.

Handling of spare keys

But where should you put your spare keys in order to make use of them when the time comes? You certainly don’t want to put them under the Welcome mat, since countless TV shows and movies have instructed generations of watchers about that hiding place, and truthfully, any object near your front door will be the first place a criminal-minded person would check for a spare set of keys. To avoid the risk of burglary or any other unwanted entry, you’ll have to situate your spare keys somewhere that is not obvious to intruders, but which you have easy access to when you need to retrieve them.

You could leave keys with a trusted neighbor, but that means they’d have to be home when you need your keys. Better options eliminate the need for any other individuals, because they simply may not be available at the precise moment of your need. You might want to try placing them under a deck outside, in a birdhouse you’ve placed in the yard, or under the doghouse if you happen to have a furry friend. A couple of other options might be to place keys inside an outdoor power meter box (carefully!), or along the siding of your home, in a spot which isn’t easily visible.

Any of these hiding places will probably be sufficiently secure from unwanted intruders, yet still easily accessible to you or someone from your household who needs emergency access, and does not have keys.

Other points to remember about spare keys

If you happen to be the manager of an apartment building, spare keys can be something of a problem, especially if they have been retained by previous tenants who will thus still have access to your building, and are no longer entitled to. If you are a tenant moving into an apartment, you should make a point of asking the landlord if a prior tenant still has a set of spare keys, because that could easily compromise your own safety.

These scenarios point up a common issue about spare keys, regarding the fact that they should always be accounted for and not simply forgotten. If spare keys are not monitored and turn up missing, that may be time to consult your residential locksmith or commercial locksmith and discuss an access control solution that keeps your premises, and yourself, secure.

The Convenience of Having an Automatic Garage Door

automatic garage doors

If you don’t happen to have an automatic garage door yourself, you probably know someone who does, and if you’ve ever discussed it with them, chances are, you’ve heard some pretty favorable reviews about their unit. Automatic garage door openers have been around for nearly a century now, and in that time, they’ve found high favor with practically everyone who has bothered to have one installed, because they require little garage door repair or maintenance, and they are highly reliable.

Here are some of the advantages of having an automatic garage door opener implemented at your home.

Greater security

Most people can guess the first big advantage – security. The most advanced models now incorporate usage of rolling codes that only you would have possession of, and which prevents access by anyone else. Also in the way of security, many models automatically close after you’ve left the garage, so if you happen to be the forgetful type, your garage door won’t stay open all day, as an invitation to intruders who might want to ‘borrow’ your garage goods.

Weather convenience

How often do you arrive or depart from home while it’s raining or snowing? When you have an automatic garage door, it won’t matter anymore, because you’ll never have to walk out into that weather in order to get to or from your vehicle to open or close the garage door. If you had a manual locking mechanism on your garage door, that might provide a measure of security, but you would probably get wet at least several times each year, opening or locking it.

Vacation mode

Modern automatic garage doors often have a ‘vacation mode’ which you can invoke from a control panel, which makes your home safer in the event that you will be gone for an extended period, such as when you’re on vacation. Some basic functions are completely disabled in vacation mode so that any kind of clever remote that an intruder might have would be rendered helpless. The vacation mode itself would then be disabled at the control panel when you return from vacation and are ready to restore normal functionality.

Technology advances

The advances in modern technology have proven to be beneficial for automatic garage doors, which can now be controlled from smartphones after being integrated by a qualified service professional. There are also a great many more bells and whistles available on today’s automatic garage doors than ever before, including greater efficiency of energy usage, and built-in lighting, which provides convenient illumination for the garage itself, or for the pathway which leads to the garage. At night, this can be not only very handy but also a nice safety feature.

Setting Up Vandal-Proof Cameras

CCTV Quick Key

The importance of setting up vandal-proof cameras can hardly be overstated since any would-be burglar will be on the lookout for security cameras as a tip-off to a home that has at least some level of protection. While easily deterred burglars might run at the first sign of a security camera, the more determined types might decide to disable the camera itself as a preliminary to vandalizing the home and plundering any valuables inside.

Any CCTV system or simple security camera which isn’t made vandal-proof should be considered vulnerable to attack and has the potential to be rendered useless. Your local residential locksmith can implement some precautionary measures with your access control system so that it can be made virtually invulnerable to attack from even skilled and persistent intruders. If you happen to be the do-it-yourself type, you may want to try a few of these ideas yourself, otherwise – don’t hesitate to leave it to the experts.

Vandal-proofing your security setup

The primary focus of vandal-proofing needs to be the camera itself. If it’s hidden from view, that can go a long way toward avoiding attention from a burglar, although it must be kept in a good line of sight from your entrance. Next, the camera itself should have tamper-proof construction, which means all screws should be recessed, so as to be unreachable with any standard screwdriver or hex wrench – only you would have the appropriate tool to reach those screws.

The camera should also be made impervious to powerful impacts, such as from a hammer or a rock. When you check out security cameras in a store, or at your local commercial locksmith, be sure to check out the impact rating it has. There’s a whole international standard that has been established, and camera manufacturers build their products to specifications that correspond to the various impact levels identified in the international standard.

Finally, one of the most obvious ways to disable a security camera system would be to cut any cables running from the camera to the home’s interior, presumably to the control panel, where information is transmitted. The solution to this glaring vulnerability is to conceal all cabling from view, so it doesn’t attract the attention of your burglar. A surface-mounted dome camera would have its cable exiting the back of the unit, directly into the home’s interior, so it literally could not be clipped with wire cutters.

A secondary method of protecting the cable is by housing it in a mounting bracket which might look something like a square pipe, and which carries the cable inside it, safe from harm by the criminal-minded, and then enters the building within a few feet of the camera itself. A camera cable conduit has a similar strategy, in that it has the cable inside it, protecting it from damage. This looks more like a long, round pipe, and it is used in situations where there is no convenient entry into the building, anywhere close to where the camera itself is located.

Where Should I Put My Safe?

floor safe

There are many different kinds of safes you can use to protect your home valuables or your office valuables, and the type you choose will depend on what it is you’re trying to safeguard, as well as how much you want to invest in a safe. If you are completely new to the world of safes and protective systems, a good place to start augmenting your knowledge and understanding of them would be with your local residential locksmith.

Since that is likely where you would purchase your safe, it would be well worth your while to discuss the various types of safe available, and where yours should be installed in the home. Some of the most trusted names in safes, including Amsec and Gardall, are provided by your Quick-Key Locksmith, and expert installation can ensure that all your valued assets remain safe indefinitely.

Types and placements for safes

Safes for the home are generally smaller than commercial safes, which are not intended to be kept out of view, but instead, depend on high-quality construction and locking mechanisms to prevent unauthorized access. Among these smaller footprint safes are gun safes, jewelry safes, fire safes, and wall-mounted safes, just to name a few. These safes can be mounted in one of your walls, in the flooring, or in an area out of view, which would be very difficult to detect by the casual observer.

Wall safes can be a good choice when you’re trying to conceal their presence because they can be mounted either flush with the wall itself or recessed so as to keep them from being seen. These can be ideal for securing valuable documents, expensive jewelry, cash, or other assets that should not be left out in view to tempt the criminal-minded.

Floor-mounted safes are another good option if you prefer having your safe securely bolted to the floor, and immovable without having the combination to the safe. Either floor-mounted or wall-mounted safes can be enhanced to upgrade their levels of protection against tool and device attacks, fire possibilities, or even water damage. There are incremental levels of such protection that can be implemented, and at the very top end, such safes are nearly impregnable to all kinds of depredations.

Installation and afterward

One good thing about maintaining a business relationship with your local locksmith is that you can discuss exactly what your security needs are and have them implemented to your exact specifications. Your locksmith can have a bypass installed on your safe which will allow you to access your valuables in the event that you lose your combination and cannot open it normally. You can have your safe outfitted with either a mechanical dial or a digital keypad, and professional maintenance of your safe will also be available, to protect your investment as well as your valuables, and keep your safe in tip-top shape for as long as you require it.

Intercom Systems Help Retain and Attract Tenants

When multi-family apartment buildings are being constructed, it’s not often that the individuals involved are thinking about tenant retention, although it does become a major concern of apartment managers when the facility is ready for habitation. At that time, retaining tenants become of prime concern for an apartment manager, and many different considerations are reviewed and implemented in an attempt to keep good clientele in residence.

One thing which often escapes the attention of apartment managers is a high-quality video intercom system. Although this type of system provides significant benefits to both tenants and management, and is, therefore, one very good way of attracting and retaining tenants – and providing great ROI for investors.

Security advantages

Intercom systems that feature voice, video, or other communication access provide for much better security at an apartment building, and they allow access to only those individuals who are visually or audibly identifiable by tenants inside. Having this kind of secure access means there will be far fewer break-ins and much less crime at the facility so that tenants are safer and building owners can keep their investment better protected. There are even some ripple effects to this arrangement, including lower overhead costs, less damage to the property, and an enhanced image of the apartment building and its ownership.

Access control

When there are many tenants dwelling in the same building, it becomes essential to have proper access control so that unauthorized access is either minimized or eliminated altogether. The most capable video intercom systems are able to record images of all persons entering the building, for the purpose of authenticating individual access. In some cases, video and audio intercom access can even be used to provide keyless entry to the building, which makes for much greater tenant convenience, while providing all the benefits of excellent security for management.

Millennial appeal

The largest single group of apartment renters has now become millennials, and this trend is sure to continue for several years into the future. That being the case, it makes great sense to appeal to this specific demographic group and provide enticements which will bring in larger numbers of millennials, and keep them as residents for a long period of time. By catering to the largest target audience available, video and audio intercom systems can be one of the most useful ways of attracting this desirable audience to move in and stay there.

Anytime is the right time for security

Even if a video/audio intercom system was not envisioned at the outset of a building’s design or construction, it can always be incorporated into the security system afterward. Your commercial locksmith will be a great resource to find out about what kind of system will work best at your facility, and how it can be conveniently and affordably installed and maintained. The benefits provided by intercom make it a system that should be considered, whether your facility is old, moderately recent, or completely new to the community.